What should I eat?

Eat with your hands! (Sorry, mom).

We get the question often of how to estimate the right quantities of macronutrients (protein, fat and carbs) to have with a meal. Here’s an easy way to get a gauge and start building a better plate (and when dining out!).

1-2 palm sized portions of protein (thickness and overall size).

1-2 cupped hands portions of starchy carbs

1-2 closed fists of veggies and fruits

1-2 thumbs of fats (including liquids like dressings)

Note: don’t actually pack all your rice into your hand at the table like a maniac, this is a gauge to look at relative to your body size. Ok- moving on.

The 1-2 measurement is relative to size of the human. Larger humans generally need more food. Also, if you need to prioritize one source (like protein) – you can make adjustments this way. 

Next, make the combinations of those things as colorful as possible (tan is not a color when it comes to food, sorry, nor is the red in ketchup – bummer). Combine that plan in 3-4 meals/day along with 3/4 to 1:1 of your bodyweight in ounces of water per day and you’ve got a solid foundation.

Also note: at no point did this specify; vegan, carnivore, zone, intermittent fasting, keto, organic, free-range or whatever else. Just the basics.

Typically, only after an athlete (remember, yes – you are an athlete), is hitting these goals do we talk about supplemental shakes as whole food sources are ideal.

Start there, then listen to your body so you can learn how to fuel it 🔥

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