Tips for starting Olympic Weightlifting

No experience with a barbell? There’s no time like the present! Follow these five steps to kick off your weightlifting career at Liberty Barbell Club, Philadelphia’s premier weightlifting gym.

  1. Meet with one of our full-time coaches to assess your current level of barbell familiarity. We’ll take you through our personal movement screen to help us learn more about some of your current limitations and strengths. 
  2. Follow a 6-week, specifically-designed-for-you program to help acclimate you to the language and volume of weightlifting training. 
  3. Once you’ve completed your 6-week cycle, you may opt to continue with personalized programming or move into Liberty Barbell Club’s group programming.
  4. As a Liberty Barbell Club member, you can complete programming in either our morning, evening or weekend sessions, receiving immediate feedback and cues to help build you into a better athlete. Traveling for work? Vacation? Post your lifting videos in our private Facebook group for some mobile coaching! 
  5. Circumvent all of the above options and become a member of Subversus Fitness! With your Subversus membership, you can attend our hour-long Olympic Lifting 101 classes, offered 5x/week, morning and evening, as a part of your membership. If you’re looking for an even more immediate and personal approach to beginning your weightlifting journey, our coaches are available for personal training sessions. 

Don’t hesitate any longer to become part of Philadelphia’s best weightlifting family! Email today!