"From day one I knew I was hooked.  The workouts are never easy, but one of the best things about CrossFit is it's capacity for customization."


I had been dragging my feet for quite some time before finally opening the door to Subversus two and a half years ago. I had always been an active person, a consistent member of local gyms and fitness studios, but had no idea what to expect when it came to CrossFit.  Would I be strong enough? Could I keep up?  Quickly I found out that the answer was no, but in the world of CrossFit, that is 100% okay. Many people have the notion that you have to be strong and know how to lift a barbell before starting CrossFit. I was one of those people. I was intimidated by the idea of a class full of regulars staring at me, the new girl who could barely do a push-up, and for a while that thought was what held me back from signing up. It’s scary to think about voluntarily placing yourself in a situation day after day where you may not succeed, let alone be comfortable, but one day I finally decided, “today is the day”. I walked down the stairs, into that basement and have never looked back.

From day one I knew I was hooked.  The workouts are never easy, but one of the best things about CrossFit is it’s capacity for customization. Every single workout can be tailored to your current abilities, so that no matter your level of fitness that first class, it’s the perfect starting point. When I started at Subversus I certainly wasn’t familiar with all of the movements that comprise a typical workout, but the incredible coaching staff is by your side the entire time, guiding you, pushing you, cheering for you, and picking you up when you’re down. Additionally, I find that one of the biggest misconceptions about CrossFit is that you have to have a competitive personality in order to fit in. To this day, thinking back to gym class games sends my anxiety through the roof; the thought of recording scores for everyone to see was particularly daunting over those first few months. Subversus allows me to control my workout and make it my own (occasionally with a bit of gentle nudging from the coaches because they know I can handle it). Not once have I experienced any disappointment or negativity regarding my performance in a workout. The coaches and members put out such positive and encouraging vibes, driving me to do my best and keeping me wanting more.

What truly sold me on Subversus was the community. Never before had I experienced a group of people who were so welcoming and supportive of each other; I literally thought to myself one day, “Why is everyone being so nice to me?” When you’re the last one on the floor and feel like giving up, your classmates are right there helping you across the finish line. I can honestly say walking into Subversus is my favorite part of the day (no matter how grueling the workout looks). My time spent at Subversus puts me outside of my comfort zone, but in the best way. I feel like I still don’t know what I’m doing half of the time, but looking back I am genuinely proud of how far I’ve come. I cannot thank the staff and community at Subversus enough for what they have done for me. This gym has changed me for the better and I cannot imagine my life without it.

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