"I needed guidance and help on working in a gym to fix my shoulder."

“What was the frustration you were having before you started working with us?”
A painful shoulder and losing grappling exchanges due to strength differentials as opposed to skill. 
“What about your experience with us was different?”
I needed guidance and help on working in a gym. I needed more than just showing up at a gym and picking things up, I like to know why I’m doing things.
“Do you remember the moment that you felt this working?”
My shoulder started to feel stronger, and in grappling training, I was significantly more explosive. The exact moment was when I was in a bad position on a takedown and I could finish the takedown simply by driving harder, the ability to have more strength in reserve to use, and the ability to not fatigue while using it.
“What is it like now since you see and feel the progress?”
Now it’s all about consistency. But I also like lifting weights now. I can see it working and I feel great. 

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