Member Testimonials

See what our fit family has to say about our gym, coaching and atmosphere.
Alexas success story


As a serious gym rat, losing my CrossFit gym during this time has been a huge lifestyle shift. Being a member of Subversus, I knew the coaches would still do whatever they could to keep us all connected and delivering their mission! In the flip of a hat, ...

Amars success story


1 years at Subversus Fitness

When I first walked into Subversus, I was focused on being a CrossFit athlete, however I soon realized I that weightlifting was actually my passion.  I soon started seeking solace in the Barbell Club and specifically Powerlifting Program. This was it. I ...


1 years at Subversus Fitness

I feel safe here, and I didn't at my last gym. I know the Coaches are watching and correcting form to make sure that I improve. I started with five personal training sessions before taking a group class which helped me build confidence. I'm eager to keep ...

EMILYs success story


“Before training at Subversus, running was painful. I’ve had everything from runner’s knee to plantar fasciitis to peroneal tendinitis. After my first marathon, I couldn’t walk normally for about a month. This was my fourth marathon, and it was co...

GREGs success story


“I had been doing CrossFit for about four years when I finally got to the point where I just couldn’t improve anymore. So despite my love for donuts, I finally decided to talk to Morgan about nutrition. I had no idea if it would work or how quickly th...

JERRYs success story


“I’ve been a member of Subversus for about 8 months now and like many others I was intimidated by the thought of jumping right into a class. Due to my schedule I chose to do Foundations as personal training with Morgan. I could not be happier with my ...

Lanes success story


When I walked into Subversus Fitness on November 2nd 2015, I had no idea how my life was about to change. I had just started a new job nearby, and I was looking to make some healthier habits and feel more grounded in my body. I had always been a person...

LUISs success story


5 years at Subversus Fitness

“Never have I ever enjoyed working out as much as I do now. From the awesome programming, to the skill building classes that Subversus offers, to the unique and always hilarious community they’ve built, Subversus is like my home away from home. When I...

Nadias success story


4 years at Subversus Fitness

One day I walked into the gym for a WOD and noticed ropes hanging from the ceiling. Something like that instantly brought memories of middle school PE (and my inability to climb a rope). Wylie quickly showed me how to rope climb using your feet and I felt...

Saras success story


2 years at Subversus Fitness

I had been dragging my feet for quite some time before finally opening the door to Subversus two and a half years ago. I had always been an active person, a consistent member of local gyms and fitness studios, but had no idea what to expect when it came t...

Many journeys, one goal.

We all want to be strong, healthy, and confident. No matter where you’re starting from, Subversus will get you there.