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Mindful Eating

Slowing down and appreciating your nutrition

Topics include:

  • Eating slowly and mindfully
  • Recognizing physical hunger and fullness
  • Identifying irregular eating intervals
  • Relationship of food to feelings
  • Finding satisfaction from meals

Fit for life

Achieving the maximum benefit from the minimal dose of training.

Topics include:

  • Getting enough regular exercise and activity
  • Avoiding overtraining
  • Following the progression of mechanics, consistency and then adding relative intensity
  • Placing value on modifications and understanding the purpose of training

Nutritional choices

Understand how fuel affects your body

Topics include:

  • Prioritizing whole food sources
  • Meeting basic nutrient needs
  • Staying hydrated
  • Awareness of sugar in beverages
  • Mindful alcohol consumption

Recover with intensity

Seem silly? Your recovery is actually more important than your training.

Topics include:

  • Getting 8 hours of quality sleep
  • Getting enough recovery (massage, yoga, mobility, etc..)
  • Learning the basics of self massage and tissue work
  • Connection to industry resources (the Docs we trust and turn to when we don’t know the answers)




Life Skills

How to plan for the results you want.

Topics include:

  • Basic food prepĀ 
  • Food shopping and awareness strategies
  • Communicating needs effectively (social situations with food/drinks)
  • Planning indulgences

Creating a supportive environment

Do you influence your environment, or does it influence you?

Topics include:

  • Creating an environment that actively supports the outcome you want
  • Addressing unsupportive social networks
  • Surrounding yourself with situations that challenge you and enable you to grow

Mindset - the path forward

We win or we learn.

Topics include:

  • Adopting a growth mindset
  • Consistency is the goalĀ 
  • Busyness and stress, avoiding being overwhelmed by life