Reduce holiday stress

Guide to de-stressing your holidays!

Here’s the tricky part of Holiday marketing right now.. It’s easy to start to question if new, shiny approaches are what YOU also need. Not just what might be a gift for someone else.

We sell training programs and stand behind that coaching. However, in any conversation, we will always say that the best program out there is the one you can do consistently. Doing zumba 3x/week will absolutely get you fitter than doing the CrossFit main site 3x/month. You know what the best jump rope for learning double-unders is? The one you pick up and practice with twice a week.

If you’re in a position to buy presents for folks this year, that’s great. If you’re not, don’t let an avalanche of marketing start to make you shitty. Remember, the common, done uncommonly well always yields the best results and happiest people. Maybe you and your loved ones need new things, maybe we all need presence. We can all give and remember that.