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Let’s be honest, the nutrition industry has become a mess. “Cleanses”, “Hacks”, “Challenges”, it’s too much. Why do these practices exist? Because they don’t focus on educating you, instead they focus on preying on body image and taking your money. We do it differently, we empower you through education and behavior.


After years of coaching athletes through nutrition, we’ve focused our practice on teaching you the skills to take ownership of your life, not depend on others. We want you to have the baseline knowledge to fuel yourself, but also see through fancy marketing tactics.


We run a monthly membership based program that offers the following:

  1. Monthly behavior and skill focus (topics such as: Meal timing, Meal composition, or What to stock in your fridge)
  2. Weekly live Q/A with Subversus Coaches on zoom who are Precision Nutrition Certified related to that month’s topic, Thursdays at noon.
  3. Monthly live and interactive cooking class with a Chef from your home via zoom. Meals prepared by you, with instruction in your own kitchen. Topics will relate to the theme of the month and include skills like building a spice rack (and using it), knife skills and turning one meal into different meal prep options for the week.
  4. Special deals, discounts and benefits for members


Membership is $25/month and you can drop in and out when you like. If you would like more specific coaching, we also offer personalized services. What we’ve found in personal coaching, is that many of the skills needed can be taught through this new program.

Members can also access recorded versions of all weekly Q/A sessions as well cooking demonstrations.

Break free of the wheel of challenges and hacks with the knowledge to build a strong foundation of nutrition knowledge and practice. Let’s get started.

We’re also proud to partner with P3 Nutrition as a meal drop-off site. If you aren’t familiar with their food, you can get a discount off your first order with the code “Subversus” at checkout!

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