Virtual workouts through TrainHeroic

  • Programming 5 days/week with video demos & instruction
  • Detailed warm-ups, strength & conditioning workouts, and finishers
  • Access to a full video library of movements
  • Suitable for all training levels
  • $29.99/Month
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Group Training

For serious fitness

  • Unlimited GPX classes including metabolic conditioning and strength training
  • Programs designed to break down complex movements and level up your skills
  • Expert coaching from start to finish
  • Options for specialty Elevate & Nutrition add-on programming
  • This membership is perfect for newer athletes looking to make progress
  • $200/Month
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Barbell Focus

Olympic weightlifting & powerlifting

  • 3 days/week of 90-minute semi-private classes
  • 6 days/week of gym access for approved makeup sessions
  • Morning & evening classes capped at 6 athletes
  • Designated platform & equipment for each athlete
  • $225/Month Options:
    • 5 days/week program in either Oly or PL
    • Hybrid Barbell (popular with advanced athletes) – 3 days/week plus unlimited GPX classes
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Adult Gymnastics

  • One in-person gymnastics group class on Saturdays
  • Two at-home workouts per week
  •  Develop bodyweight skills like pull-ups, push-ups & handstands
  • Progression plans to learn advanced skills like muscle-ups and handstand walking
  • $25/Month Membership Add-On

Nutrition Coaching

Fuel your workouts right!

  • One free 20-minute nutrition consult with a take-home checklist
  • Access to a private Facebook group with weekly Live sessions
  • Weekly blog post and nutrition tasks
  • Monthly Zoom cooking seminar with P3 Nutrition
  • Easy-to-follow guidance that carries over to your individual coaching programs
  • Principles on portion sizing, basic body cues, and hunger awareness
  • Resources on grocery lists, meal-prepping, and handling alcohol, caffeine and sugar
  • $25/Month Membership Add-On

Member Referrals

Bring a friend, get discounts!

Hard workouts are better with friends.

Existing members – refer a friend who signs up and you BOTH get $25 off your next month’s membership.