Our Facility

Serving Center City, East Market, Rittenhouse and Graduate Hospital

Step Into The Underground

Over 5,000 square feet fully outfitted with Rogue Fitness equipment.
  • 6 Oly lifting platforms
  • Jerk blocks & low blocks
  • 4 powerlifting platforms
  • GHDs, rowers, echo/assault bikes, and an assault runner
  • Brand new HEPA air filtration units to sanitize the air space every 30 minutes

And plenty of weight to throw around.


Our Punk Rock Roots

We call it the Underground because our gym was exactly that.

In the 80s, we were the East Side Club a hardcore punk and new wave music venue. Bands like the Chameleons, Black Flag, and Ministry played here when the punk movement was at its most radical.

We honor that subversive mentality with our strong community. It’s us against the commercial fitness industry that makes you feel like you aren’t enough.

The music is still loud and you’ll still leave sweaty.

Concert posters from our history:


Many journeys, one goal.

We all want to be strong, healthy, and confident. No matter where you’re starting from, Subversus will get you there.