New workout categories!

Has this ever been you?

The Coach asks if you have questions

You: “No”

The Coach begins to count down, “3,2…”


In our programming this year, we placing a larger emphasis on awareness and the feel of a given training session. One of the big goals that we have in what we do as a gym is to connect you to your body and understand it’s capacity. That means not necessary chasing a certain weight or skill, but a feeling.

Here’s how we’ll do it. On each day, there will still be rep ranges and weight suggestions given, but we encourage you to dig in to the feeling desired for the workout. Now, if you want to get technical – these categories generally follow the three energy systems that your body uses to power itself. Your body burns fuel via three systems, one – short and fast – your phosphogenic system – using only stored energy. This one requires time to replenish those stores. The second – a bit longer, anything from about 30 – 120s of work – your glycolytic system (no longer strictly relying on stored energy, but becoming more efficient at burning fuel). Once you’re beyond that ~2 minute window and beyond, you shift into a different mode, oxidative – where now you’re using oxygen in a far greater capacity to help drive the train.

Ok, so if you blacked out on the last paragraph here’s the take-home message. You get good at what you train. So, if you only do the hard/fast stuff – you won’t be good at the long stuff and vice versa – your body won’t get the most from the training. Our new workout categories are designed so that you can get the most from your sessions and FEEL these systems.

The categories are; “push”, “pace”, “grit”. “Push” is the short/fast work, all gas, no brakes. Usually shows up as a barbell heavy lift. “Pace” is for interval work, we want repeatable efforts with a given rest interval – these sessions are useful only if the work stays consistent.”Grit” is longer work and steady efforts with minimal rest over a given time.

Using these feelings, rather just a certain weight – will help you get the most from your training sessions. The more different you can make them, the greater the range of capacity (and fitness) you’ll have. If every workout turns into a “grit” session – you’ll lose pure strength. Still not sure? Ask your Coach! They’ll help you with strategies to dial in your effort for each given day. It also means you shouldn’t be a puddle of mess after each session. Some days, we want full out – other days, you’ll leave with a different feeling – make this the year that you learn how that difference fuels the longevity of your training.

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