Food is the Foundation

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Food is fuel

We believe in principles when it comes to food. Not fads, not one size fits all plans, not value based food statements. What do believe is that:

  1. Food is neither “good” nor “bad”.

  2. It is vital to your training.

  3. It is personal to you.

  4. It is personal to us.

The meanest, coolest, fastest sports car is a pile of metal and glass until someone puts fuel in the tank. Yet, it’s always the car that we seek. Our approach is to help you value, understand and embrace the fuel.

Food is personal

What we eat, how we eat and who we choose to eat with is complicated and carries with it many emotions. Often, some of our happiest and darkest memories can be attached to the food we have eaten, decided not to eat, or shared with others. This is why we believe it’s important to not judge what we eat, but rather to understand it, how it works and how our body will interact with it. To tell you that one food is “good” implies that another food must be “bad” and with that come value judgements which take away from the understanding of food. Our goal is to help you learn how food fuels your body and from there, establish a healthy relationship.

There is no more important aspect to your training

We can’t state this enough. If you want the sexy Ferrari, you’re going to need to put gas in it first. Our training is functional fitness. Movements and programming designed to make you the most capable human possible. To us, capacity enables you to support, love and embrace your life (not just do lots of pull ups). Our approach to nutrition is the same. We want you to enjoy a dinner out, navigate work parties, fuel for workouts all while being proud of your body.

I was a person who could never wrap his head around “counting macros” but the knowledge and attention from the coaches made all the difference in the world. I learned more in those 6 short weeks about nutrition than I ever thought possible.

— Jerry (2018 Seminar participant)

Want to learn more?

All full-time Subversus Fitness coaches are at least Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified. We are not nutritionists. We do not write prescriptions for food. We do have years of experience supporting athletes and look forward to helping you reach your goals. Contact us to today, or inquire about our next group seminar!