Is you shoulder the cause of your shoulder pain?

Why start with assessment?

Prior to a new athlete picking up any equipment, we always start with assessment. Why? Because otherwise, we might as well be Coaching with the lights off.

Often, folks come to us with a history of movements that don’t feel great.

“My knees hurt when I squat”

“I can’t press overhead on that side”

“I hate burpees” (full disclosure – there isn’t much we can do there).

Equally as often, when we then assess the full body – we find compensation taking place from areas not included in that inventory. A limited ankle can trigger a low back. A limited shoulder can irritate a knee. It’s all connected.

When we train, we use a principle of transferability using full body movements. Let’s explain. When you squat using a non-fixed weight like a barbell or dumbbell, you not only work your legs, but also your core, upper back, feet as well as improve balance and coordination. This is why assessment is so important. We need the whole picture because training with us isn’t isolated to one part of the body – we want to help you put all the pieces together for maximum full body fitness.

From there, we make a plan for you to improve those positions and as you learn new skills, because you’re an individual – not a group. That’s how you’ll build confidence and competence with our staff.

Oh and just maybe, you’ll even appreciate burpees. Message us to schedule a no-cost consult and assessment to learn more.

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