Is scaling hurting your progress?

“_______ training is great, you can scale it to any ability”. Ever said or heard that? We used to, maybe you do too. However, when isn’t that right?

Let’s start by defining a few things, “progression” and “regression” (otherwise known as scaling). Progression is building capacity over time in a measurable way. Regression is reducing a given movement into simpler parts. In general physical preparedness group programs, a given workout will be written for a class to do. Let’s also say that the given workout on a certain day is a movement that causes you pain to perform. Easy, just scale it, right? Maybe..

If you’re experiencing chronic pain (continual long-term discomfort) with a certain movement, consistently scaling that movement likely doesn’t address the cause of your pain. Think of scaling like the recommendations on over the counter medicine. Usually, there’s language like if the issue you’re experiencing extends longer than a week with the over the counter meds, it’s time to see a professional. Scaling around painful movements works the same way and for the same duration. If you’ve been scaling around pain for more than a week – let’s chat. We’re here to help and it doesn’t mean skipping or not taking group classes. You can do both with programming and progressions for you.

Progressions and programming gets to the root of your body’s needs, rather than reducing the group plan. How do you know when specific progression is what you need? That’s what we’re here for! We start with a movement assessment and screen along with some strength balance testing. From that point, we can not only adjust your movements for classes, but more importantly get you on programming that gets to the root cause and progresses your ability in a balanced and structured way.

Next time you find yourself grabbing the same band or considering skipping the workout that bugs your shoulder – chat with us! Let’s make a plan so you can stop scaling and start building towards pain-free training. Subvert acceptable, become exceptional – that’s how we do it.