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Option 1

I'm Super New

Just 3 steps to the best shape of your life.

  1. Meet with a Coach to determine your goals and learn about functional movements.
  2. Get into group classes or personal training.
  3. Create a schedule to make your new lifestyle stick!

Option 2

I Have Experience

I've been training for at least 3 months.

Get ready to set your standards higher at Subversus Fitness. We take pride in being the top functional training gym in the Center City Philly area.

Grab your gym bag, show up, and get ready to sweat!

Sara's Newbie Journey

From Sorta-There to Rising Star

“I had always been an active person, a consistent member of local gyms and fitness studios, but had no idea what to expect when it came to functional training. One day I finally walked down the stairs, into that basement and have never looked back.”

Meeting With a Coach

“Would I be strong enough?”

“Could I keep up?”

I found the answer was more about tailoring each workout so that it would push my personal fitness level, not about what everyone else might be doing.

Many people have the notion that you have to be strong and know how to lift a barbell before starting with Subversus. I was one of those people. I was intimidated by the idea of a class full of regulars staring at me, the new girl who could barely do a push-up, and for a while that fear held me back.

Her First Class

From day one I knew I was hooked.  The workouts are never easy, but one of the best things about Subversus’ Workout of the Day is it’s capacity for customization.

Every single workout can be tailored to your current abilities, so no matter your level of fitness, the first class is the perfect starting point.

When I started at Subversus I certainly wasn’t familiar with all of the movements in a typical workout, but the incredible coaching staff is by your side the entire time, guiding you, pushing you, cheering for you, and picking you up when you’re down.

A New Lifestyle!

I can honestly say walking into Subversus is my favorite part of the day. My time spent at Subversus puts me outside of my comfort zone, but in the best way.

What truly sold me was the community. Never before had I experienced a group of people who were so welcoming and supportive of each other. I literally thought to myself one day, “Why is everyone being so nice to me?”

When you’re the last one on the floor and feel like giving up, your classmates are right there helping you across the finish line.

Your Journey Starts Today


What steps do you take to clean the gym?

This is a great question and one that we’ve put hours and hours behind answering as best as we can.

Your health and wellness is our business, you should expect excellence in Coaching, classes and the facility. We’re proud to offer small class sizes, an amount of space per athlete well above government regulations and share our methods.

You can find our full community health statement here. All new athletes also sign a COVID-19 release which helps us take steps to make sure we are prioritizing a safe space for you. If you have additional questions, please reach out and we’ll answer them for you.

How big are your classes?

We believe in personal attention and plans with the camaraderie of a group environment. We designate at least 100 sq ft in taped off space for every athlete. That means that our classes are capped at no more than 9 people and 1 Coach. Speciality classes like our barbell and Elevate classes are even smaller at between 6-8 athletes.


We also offer personal training sessions that are done outside of class time as private sessions with a Coach.

What will my first time in your gym be like?

Your first time in, we want you to feel comfortable and understand our policies. You’ll schedule a no-sweat intro and then one of our awesome coaches will give you a scheduled tour of the facilities. Then, we’ll sit down with you and walk through your goals and walk through what you can expect in training. You won’t workout, just share what you want to achieve and learn how we’ll help you reach those goals.


If you have experience training, great! We’ll discuss your background and then look at the best class schedule for you. If you’re new to training, terrific! We’ll set you up for a personal training on-ramp of three sessions to get you into classes.

What is your Workout of the Day class?

Our Workout of the Day program is the core of who we are and what we offer. For over 11 years, we’ve been building broad, inclusive fitness for everyone (yes, you!) whether you’re new to us and training or have a background in elite athletics.


Every class is intelligently programmed, expertly Coached and the most effective way you can spend an hour of your day to get healthy and strong. Expert variance in the work you do with us to improve overall flexibility, strength, speed, endurance, and agility but not random workouts just to make you sweat.


We use and teach movements that are functional and natural to accomplish maximal work and efficacy in minimal time. Expect squatting, pushing, pulling, jumping, not sitting on a machine. You’ll also learn and incorporate gymnastic and weightlifting elements like the Power and Olympic lifts.  The key part there is learn, not perfect and that’s the key to all that we do – inspire an attitude of growth and overcoming challenges while getting careful instruction from our Coaches.


Your time is important, don’t waste it on random fitness light shows or beat downs. You aren’t joining the army. You’re looking to be strong, look good naked and be proud of your body – let’s get started.

If I haven't been regularly working out, is your training for me?

The very first thing you will discover is that we do not discriminate. In fact, our community is stronger when we have diversity in classes, Coaches and our programming.


Whether you are young at heart, or have just completed your 50th marathon, or are recovering from injury or healing a broken heart, whether walking the dog is the only exercise you’ve had in years, or you’re someone training for the the Philly marathon…We will help you achieve your fitness goals.


Our needs are not unique, we are all humans. How we train may look different, but the why remains the same. Get healthier, look and FEEL good to be proud of your body. Our members range in age from mid-20s to mid-70s. We have personal and group training options available, so we’re ready for you!

How do you give back to the community?

We believe that health and wellness is a universal right and diligently work to make to ask the question of who isn’t able to access our program and community. You can read our full statement here.

We are proud to be active in creating healthy change in our community through two programs:


UliftU is a 501c3 that prepares citizens returning from prison for careers in the fitness industry. Once certified, our graduates both work and Coach at Subversus and run free classes in the areas of Philadelphia where there is the highest incidence of early death from chronic diseases and unemployment. UliftU also works in the prison system pre-release, so they can come home and begin working in the community.

Strength in Numbers

Strength in Numbers is a free class held on the first Sunday of each month for members of the LGBTQ+ community to come to Subversus to experience what a supportive fitness experience can look like. Taught by a peer Coach, this class seeks to demonstrate that fitness can be a transformative tool for anyone. Through this program we also offer scholarship memberships for LGBTQ+ individuals who demonstrate need and want to start training with Subversus.

What’s your drop-in policy?

Until further notice, due to COVID-19, we are not open for drop-ins. This breaks our heart as traveling and training is a big part of what we do as well, but right now we have to prioritize the health and safety of our membership.

Why is your gym more expensive than other gyms?

We know you may have a lot of choices on where to workout. What’s best… A treadmill at home? The gym down the street that is $15/month? A membership with us? We’d actually encourage you to ask a different question. What are your goals?

Personalized attention?

Trained, professional coaches?

Accountability from Coaches who remember your name and goals?

Working out with a group of like-minded people who cheer on your success?

If the answer to any of the above is “yes”, then we’d encourage you to check us out. Training with us saves you time by ensuring that you’re being coached by true professionals in proven methods that we ourselves use. You aren’t getting a guru, you’re getting the most complete fitness program available.

How often do you recommend I come to the gym?

If you’re just starting up, we recommend coming three to four days/week for your first couple weeks, then build to five. Once you’re up to five days per week, we recommend building in two recovery days per week. Our programming is designed to balance how you are using different parts of your body across the week.

Our sustain program is designed to be low-intensity endurance work to balance the higher-intensity work you’ll do in a Workout of the Day session. Both are important to your overall health.

Think of starting training with us like learning a new language. Do it once or twice a week and you’ll have trouble remembering how to do it, more regular attendance will have our Coaches get to know you better as well as you’ll get better results.

Don’t forget about nutrition! The fastest car is only as good as it’s gas. Not sure how to fuel? Talk to one of our Precision Nutrition Certified Coaches who can help give you advice based in real practice, not fads.

What is the Barbell Club?

For over seven years, we’ve been downtown Philadelphia’s home for barbell specific training in both the Olympic Lifts and Powerlifting. Not familiar with those terms?

The Olympic Lifts are the snatch and the clean and jerk. They are called the Olympic Lifts, because they are used in competition. You don’t need to have aspirations to go to the Olympics do to them, however – if you did, we have a Coach on staff who competes for Team USA at the National and International Level, so there’s that too.

The Power lifts – are the back squat, bench press and deadlift. These movements are staples of the building blocks to any strength program or sport specific work. Training them is a terrific compliment to running, cycling or other sports where you seek to spend your time outside the gym and want to be less injury prone and recover faster.

We cater to the first time athlete as well as those with competitive aspirations for either barbell program. Contact us to schedule a consult today!

Can I do my own thing during class?

Presently there is no open gym time and we aren’t able to accept drop-ins.


For members who are making up assigned programming, there are limited time slots on the calendar. This is to help ensure the health and safety of all members.

I just relocated/looking for a new gym and I’d like to check you out prior to joining.

If you are experienced CrossFitter or Weightlifter, we will give you a complimentary day. If you feel Subversus Fitness is the right gym for you, we’ll get you started in the right program on your schedule. Please contact us at info@subversusfitness.com.

Do I need to reserve a spot or contact anyone?

Unfortunately, until further notice we are not accepting drop-ins. If you are interested in joining our gym, we’d love to chat and first schedule a no-sweat consultation to explain our policies and how we run things.

You can email info@subversusfitness.com or complete the “Contact Form” if you have any questions. Thank you for helping us maintain a safe place to train.


We know walking through the door is the hardest part. You take the first step and we’ll meet you where you are.

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