I'm new, can I drop in to try a class?

No, because we care about your safety and orienting you to the gym before training. Your first time in, we want to get to know you and hear your goals. That starts with a free consultation. During that consult, we’ll also do a movement screen – this isn’t a pass/fail scenario – rather it helps us have an informed discussion relative to your goals.

If you’re getting started after a longer time away from a routine, we start you with personal training and a minimum of 3 sessions. Again, while we love group fitness – you’re an individual, so personal training is the best way to start.

If you have prior experience training, great! We’ll discuss your background and then look at the best class schedule for you. Either way, booking a consult is where we start. Can’t find a time that works? Email us!

Please note: folks who purchase Drop-Ins to try the gym will be refunded and not permitted to take group class prior to a consult.

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