In-House Comp and PROM after party!

Don't miss our annual IN-HOUSE COMP and PROM after party that night!!

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Event Date:May 16th, 2020 8:00 am

There are a few things that are important at the gym.

Trying hard. Becoming comfortable being uncomfortable. Supporting your fellow athletes. And.


How does it work?

By mid-April, we’ll hold a draft of folks who would like to participate and be on a team. From there, we’ll have 4 member captains to each lead their team into the epic battle on Saturday, May 16th. There will be 3-4 events and a final along with a floater (a simple event that needs to be done at some point between the heats of the other events).

Is this only if you can go “RX” in workouts?

Abso-fu**king-lutely NOT. If you take classes with us, you’re ready. We’ll have the workouts programmed to be challenging, fun and approachable. We want everyone to have a good time, dress up and have an amazing day!

Don’t miss it! Mark your calendar!


Later that evening, we’ll gather back at the gym at 8pm to crown the winning team as well as vote for our Prom Royals! Come enjoy some drinks, relive the day and be a part of the only event where we let Coach Luis DJ the whole thing. The event goes until Wylie gets tired and has to take the trash out. Don’t miss it!

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