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Drop In FAQs

What’s your drop-in policy?

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, we are not open for drop-ins until further notice. This breaks our heart as traveling and training is a big part of what we do as well, but right now we have to prioritize the health and safety of our members.

Can I do my own thing during class?

Presently there is no open gym time and we aren’t able to accept drop-ins.


For members who are making up assigned programming, there are limited time slots on the calendar. This is to help ensure the health and safety of all members.

I just relocated/looking for a new gym and I’d like to check you out prior to joining.

If you are experienced CrossFitter or Weightlifter, we will give you a complimentary day. If you feel Subversus Fitness is the right gym for you, we’ll get you started in the right program on your schedule. Please contact us at info@subversusfitness.com.

Do I need to reserve a spot or contact anyone?

Unfortunately, until further notice we are not accepting drop-ins. If you are interested in joining our gym, we’d love to chat and first schedule a no-sweat consultation to explain our policies and how we run things.

You can email info@subversusfitness.com or complete the “Contact Form” if you have any questions. Thank you for helping us maintain a safe place to train.

Dropping in?

If you're coming from another affiliate, please use the link under our FAQ for how to drop-in. Thank you!

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