Tips for mindful eating!

We eat too fast. That’s simple right? You’ve heard it already and sure – you know you shouldn’t be eating over your keyboard as you read this, but have you ever known why? If you’re looking to lose or gain weight – the speed at which you eat can mean more in some cases than what you actually eat. Here’s why.


Chew your food!


Ideal food sources are made up of lots of nutrients, such as macronutrients (protein, fat, carbs), micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), as well other things like water and fiber. In order to eat them, we chew, breaking the food down into smaller pieces so we can access the nutrients. Chewing is not only how we make sure that we don’t choke and die, it’s the first step in digestion. The saliva in our mouth contains enzymes that help break food down further from a bite sized state. Without chewing, we miss a critical part of unlocking what’s good in our food.


You can make a super colorful, organically raised meal – but if you don’t actually chew it. Lots of the nutrients from that food pass you by meaning actually chewing and digesting something with less nutritional value can be more helpful for your body than inhaling a perfectly portioned meal. Chewing also releases pleasurable neurotransmitters in our brain – one of the reasons why chewing on things can be a response to stress.


Your brain and your stomach need to catch up!


When we hurry our meal process the process of satiety (fullness) takes time to catch up. We’ve all been there. It’s a big dinner, you’ve been waiting or preparing all day for it – time to eat and you scarf down everything in sight before you even know what happened and now you’re looking for sweatpants. Your body needs time to recognize what’s happening and adjust to feeling full because of it.


One of the easiest things you can do is start by adding 5 minutes to each meal. Time yourself for a meal to get a baseline, then add 5 minutes. Better yet, try and turn off the screen you’re looking at while you eat or doing it in a distracted environment. This will help you chew more (point number 1) and recognize how your body feels – leaving you with a better chance of fueling appropriately. One thing that I do (especially with desserts!) is put my fork down between bites – this simple act slows me down and creates mindful practice.


Get on a schedule


Especially, right now – our at home schedules are a mess. We’re eating/working/sleeping/making fitness all under one roof or even in the same room. That makes it really hard to work on a single activity at a time. In the case of eating though, routine is really important to our nervous system. Our bodies like routine and slower, smaller meals at predictable intervals give our body the chance to feel hunger and satiety cues as well as understand how food makes us feel.


Why it matters


I used to get a sandwich from a deli down the road from my office. Every day, I’d bring it back to work, eat it over my computer keyboard and within 30 minutes I would be doing everything I could to keep my eyes open. What was my response? Energy drink and cookies (not kidding). Because at the time I was working out 2-3 hours a day, I thought none of it really mattered, just eat. It took me awhile to actually start to notice this pattern – rather than, just throw sugar at the issue to wake myself back up (which wouldn’t work),  I started to change my lunch. I swapped out bread for sweet potatoes and processed deli meats for proteins I cooked at home. Then I found I didn’t need crave the soda and if I did need a pick me up, I switched to a caffeinated tea without added sugar.


The goal here isn’t to be perfect. The goal is to be mindful and by slowing down, we connect to our food, learn how it makes us feel and live healthier. All by just doing what mom told you when you were a kid. Share your food and chew it.

Leaving CrossFit

The past month marks our 11th year as a CrossFit affiliate. While this past year has been different than what anyone has expected, it will always be the most memorable because of who it pushed us to be.


In 2017, I started a nonprofit arm of our gym, UliftU, building from a legacy that preceded my ownership of then CrossFit Center City. Over the years, the CrossFit Foundation helped us attend the CrossFit Games, dialogue with other nonprofits, paid for L-1s for our UliftU Coaches, brought us out to headquarters in California last year and recently had committed to running an L-1 for our in prison program before COVID happened. When people assailed CrossFit for mistakes or pointed to the lack of diversity found within the brand, I defended CrossFit. I did so because of those actions and the friends I had made at HQ. I was proud to be a part of what I believed CrossFit’s future could be. I felt like it was enough. I now know I was wrong.


Our true measure is not where we stand in times of comfort and convenience, but challenge and controversy. Those are Dr. King’s words, not mine. The pandemic forced an awakening. By stripping away that which busied us to day-to-day, it forced us to sit and examine ourselves. What we found has shaken us, and rightfully so. Before, we convinced ourselves that progress was enough. It took a massive global loss of life from a natural phenomenon to make us recognize the loss of lives through unnatural means, human hands through racism, particularly for our black community.


This week, CrossFit and it’s Founder Greg Glassman have chosen through both their inaction and then Greg’s own words to show not only a lack of leadership, but the antithesis of it through hurtful and divisive speech. We cannot then say that because you demonstrated kindness in the past, that absolves you when the time is most vital for support in discussions of life and death. We all must do better and our own radical self-inquiry must challenge the desire to defend our actions and replace it with the question of how we could be wrong. We owe that to this moment, to the pain in our country and world is feeling right now, to something much bigger than ourselves.


That’s why we cannot remain a CrossFit affiliate and effective immediately are dropping our affiliation. The purpose of our entire gym has always been to stand for something greater than ourselves and just fitness. A place to find the strength to fully realize who you are, what you already possess. I wrote this week that our goal should be to build the strength necessary to dismantle systems of oppression, racism and hate. That is our Why. We will now build the future, grateful for past opportunities, but not bound by them when they prove no longer able to serve the needs of the moment. The road ahead will be hard but it brings the opportunity to contribute to stronger communities and a better world. 


Let’s get to work.


Wylie Belasik and the staff of Subversus Fitness

Re-opening schedule and sign ups

Please note some changes relative to windows to register ahead of time and new late cancellation fees.


  • Classes will be available for registration 72 hours prior to taking place. There will now be a $5 late cancellation fee if you cancel within 3 hours of the class start time. Waitlists will be added to the class in the order that you signed up for them.


  • These policies are in place as to provide as fair of access as possible for everyone into classes. We will add more classes as we are able to keep the gym clean and what we feel is responsible. We can’t thank you enough for your patience. We CANNOT WAIT to have you back in the gym, but your health and the health of our staff is what is most important.


  • Personal training is available by appointment as well during the off-hours when there are not group classes. Personal training cannot happen during group class time when we open.



Re-opening post 2: Class management

If you’ve seen the classic “The Big Lebowski”, you may remember the line.. “this isn’t ‘nam Donny, there are rules.”  Well, yes – they are rules now. Let’s get into them so that we can keep you and our staff safe and healthy.

  1. YOU MUST SIGN IN FOR CLASS. This isn’t negotiable and we won’t have a wodify kiosk any longer, so please use the app on your phone.
  2. Everyone will sign a new COVID-19 release prior to taking a class back at the gym. You’ll be prompted to do it in wodify and you can’t attend class without signing it. It will ask you if you’re symptomatic of COVID-19 and if you’ve had exposure to anyone who is confirmed in the past 14 days. Also if you are in the future, to let us know. New members potentially joining the gym will complete it as well going forward.
  3. Everyone will have their temperature taken when they enter the gym by a Coach. If you’re above 100.4, we love you, but you can’t come back for 72 hours.
  4.  If we learn of a member or staff who attended class and later tested positive, we will email class attendees who may have attended at the same time to inform you. We will not disclose the name of the individual should that take place as that is protected information.
  5. When you enter the gym, you’ll enter down the hallway through the back doorway. The front will be blocked off. Arrows/ tape on the floor will mark where you’ll go to walk through the gym. We’ve made it as simple as possible with minimal two-way traffic.
  6. You need to wear a face covering in in the gym and you’ll need to BYO chalk, no more sharing grubby mits.
  7. For class, you’ll have either a 10’x10′ spot on the main floor (Workout of the Day), bike and platform (Sustain) or your own platform (LBC). Equipment has been redistributed to minimize movement and we’ll have disinfectant + rags for cleaning. Nobody will share anything – if you’re an only child – rejoice.
  8. Coaches will move in designated walk ways that are outside of your areas to maintain distance.
  9. When you finish, you’ll clean up your equipment and either leave it or you’ll be instructed how to put it away.
  10. Gather up your things and then please head out, we can’t have extended congregating in the gym. We love you but for now – we have to limit that.

Also, for the love of everything holy, if you don’t feel well – please. stay. home. We have a shared responsibility to keep each other healthy and safe. We can clean everything, but without your help, it won’t matter – it’s all of our duty. Cutting corners or being sloppy can end access for everyone and we will ask you to leave if you aren’t respecting the community and these standards. After classes, staff will wipe down/disinfect the major touch points in the gym (doors, stairs, equipment) and twice a day we’ll do the full bathrooms and floor.

If weather/conditions permit- we will add outdoor workouts, but for now – the rules are unknown, so we’re sharing ours for the gym. If you have questions from the cleaners we’re using (non-toxic for your skin but fucking deadly as shit for the virus – that kind of thing) to any other policy, please contact me (Wylie). Thank you!!

Re-opening post 1: Programming

Let’s start by saying that we’re glad you’re here. Right now is such an amazing opportunity, the last few months have really driven home what is important and frankly showed what isn’t vital. To overuse the now common terms of essential and non-essential elements – we’ve applied that what your training is going to look like as we get back into the swing of things.


You all have been killing it at home, the efforts, the consistency – it’s really inspiring to see the commitment from small apartments, backyards, basements, driveways, hallways and more. You’re never going to look at an ottoman the same way again – now you’ll go over to a friend’s house and remark “damn, I could do some serious dips off that.” This is also an extraordinary  time in coming back to the gym.


  1. You’ve been doing a lot of higher repetition work in the mid-long time range. 12, 15 mins, and longer of workouts in the mid-intensity range. We used this because we’re balancing not crushing your nervous system and recognizing what most of you have had access to at home.
  2. Without getting too into the science weeds here… There are three energy systems, 1 – short/fast work, think 1-3 rep max work, less than 30s of an effort, lots of rest between efforts, 2 – mid-range, generally things that are what you’ve been doing at home, 3 – longer, aerobic work (30+ mins, lower heart-rate). You need a balance of all three to be a fit and healthy person. Using all three makes them each better even when you aren’t using the other two. Balance and recovery is how you improve – that’s what we’re doing behind the scenes for you.
  3. So, it would stand to reason that when you can have access to the gym – we’re going to put some more focus on splitting up those energy systems to start to safely prioritize balancing your fitness back out.


Here’s how we plan to bring you back.. Our first cycle back of the workout of the day will be more biased towards the powerlifts and strict gymnastics. Why? We want to build your strength back up, but with a plan. These sessions will prioritize this goal with some conditioning. The emphasis will shift so that we won’t always squat on a Monday or pull on a Friday so that it can accommodate varied work schedules for you all. These classes will be capped at 8 people to start and we’ll add sessions and space as is safe and appropriate. Our goal is for you to do the workout of the day 3-4x/week – not more to start. They will also be 45 mins long so that we have time to clean up.


The second part is building your engine back up and taking advantage of being able to get outside if you want. We’ll be writing 3 endurance sessions, our “sustain” program that can be done in the back of the main space/front of the barbell area on bikes at the same time as the workout of the day sessions. Your goal should be 2-3 of these sessions per week either in the gym or running outside. These sessions may include a simple dumbbell or kettlebell movement, but not always – the goal here is building the engine at lower intensity. The Coach on duty will be available for questions, but these sessions are programmed to be un-coached as simple yet effective and will follow the same time-frame as the WOD.


By balancing these two programs, we can take a gradual approach to safely ramping things up over time. It also makes sure that we can provide enough access to the gym and spread you all out enough for safety. Throwing you back into 6-7 days of our Workout of the Day is not the goal. The lower intensity endurance work is important as well, it will make you stronger.. Trust it. We’ll be keeping an eye on you and monitoring volume and we will step in and shut you down if you start blowing yourself up with volume and intensity. You’re here for coaching, please let us help you – your percentages nice, but for now we’re looking for excellence in form and movement – the weights will come.


Athlete of the MonthMay


Career: Pharmaceutical Research and Development

Years at Subversus Fitness: 1

Congratulations, Nadia!

Well done Nadia! Now, let’s hear from our community on why she rocks!

From the Coaches!

“Nadia’s consistency, great attitude, and thoughtful interactions have really stood out during our shelter-in-place period. She always shows up, asks great questions (often leading others to give voice to things they wanted as well!), and she does great work! Making the best of a tough situation, Nadia brings her A-game and lifts everyone up by her presence. She makes it better, and I appreciate it deeply.” – Justin


“I feel like I’ve started to appreciate Nadia even MORE since we’ve transitioned into home workouts, which is no easy feat. She manages to virtually stand out as a fast learner, an eager student, an awesome chef, and a hilarious quiplash champion. I love her energy, her patience, and the fact that she is contributing and making her mark in an environment that would otherwise mute people. Very happy to call her our member of the month!” – Morgan


“Nadia was one of the 5 kind souls who listened to me talk about mindset for our Wednesday seminar. That should show how simultaneously passionate she is about improvement and probably question her judgement – but I give her a pass. Nadia is a pleasure to Coach, wants to improve and embraces competition – qualities we love to see. Keep up the great work!” – Wylie



Congrats Nadia!!! I remember doing your onramp a couple of months ago on an early Sunday morning. You were so eager to learn and genuinely excited to learn new things.  I’m so impressed with your consistency and it makes me so happy to see you training virtually with us. You’re committed, have a positive attitude and always receptive to coaching cues and advice. What more could a coach want!? Congratulations again this is definitely deserved and I cannot wait to get to know you better and see you improve! Cheers!” – Luis


“Your hard work and dedication was not going unnoticed! As coach I loved the fact you asked questions if you didn’t understand a movement or wanting to know to modification a movement. I appreciate the concern to want to know how to preform the movements properly! You are definitely one only member that didn’t miss a beat during this time and thank you for your commitment!” – Jesse


Now from her fellow members!

“This is so deserved! Your commitment to zoom workouts during this time has been amazing. It’s hard to ‘physically’ see how you are doing, but I’m sure a lot of improvement has been made. Your dedication is admirable, and I appreciate your welcoming nature. More importantly, I know that I am always excited to see your face during a workout, happy hour, or a mindfulness seminar. You always have something to contribute, and you have a great sense of humor. I look forward to working out with you in person and getting to know you better when all of this dies down! Congrats to you, Nadia!” – Emma


“Nadia has been such a great addition to our gym and I am so happy to continue to see her virtually! She has a positive spirit and is a really clever one- definitely crushed all of us at any virtual happy hour games we have played! I am very curious to see how she does in Quizzo coming up in a few weeks.
I look forward to continuing to see Nadia crush workouts once we all return together again!” – Alexa
“It’s been great to see Nadia staying so dedicated, killing it in the Zoom classes lately, and attending the virtual social events. I hope we get to work out together in person soon!” – Emily A


What is your day job and profession?
I work in R&D in pharma specializing in data-driven methods to build mathematical models which help us select safe and efficacious doses of drugs (and buzz words!) "
" When did you start doing CrossFit?
I started in November 2019, so very recently; I’ve always been an avid gym goer/played soccer, and wanted something challenging.. CrossFit more than met that request!
" What is your favorite and least favorite workout?
My favorite workout has to be Donny, and least favorite is Karen (it’s a love/hate relationship)"
" What's the food you crave most after working out?
Anything with carbs! I work out in the evenings so it’s usually dinner, meaning rice and curry. The comfort foods keep me going "
" What accomplishment through CrossFit are you most proud of?
I’m most proud of participating in my first total day this February. It was so rewarding to see my work pay off, along with fellow athletes and coaches around me; best Valentine’s Day!"
" What's something about you that most folks would be surprised to know?
Most of my family still lives in Africa, and I spent much of my childhood (and adulthood) visiting/exploring/hiking in Kenya and Tanzania. Asante sana squash banana

Athlete of the MonthApril


Career: Physical therapist

Years at Subversus Fitness: 5

Congratulations, Heather!

Congratulations Heather! Now, let’s hear from our community on why she’s great!


“Hooray HeatherHeather is AMAZING— a 6am fixture who finds a way to make fitness a regular part of her life, no matter what the struggle. She’s overcome injury, dialed in her nutrition, and been the rare 6am attendee who ALSO shows up to night-time social events, and SHE’S STILL DOING IT! Every day, in incredibly challenging times, Heather is crushing workouts and inspiring others- and inspiring me. Doing great work at home and at her job, helping inspire and unite this community and this city— solid MOTM. Congratulations!” – Justin


“What a perfect time to receive this honor!  During a trying time, the 6am OG is still at it with the quarantine fitness.  Heather is inspiring both in and out of the gym.  I am beyond proud of this athlete and everything she does.  Congrats on the win!” – Tim


“We are so lucky to have heather as a member of our gym! not only is she on the health care front lines right now, but she is simultaneously continuing to focus on her own wellness and happiness by consistently training with the daily WODs before going into work. She is diligent about her movement, her recovery, and of course, her 6am time slot – we are lucky, happy, and honored to give heather the very first quarantine member of the month title.” – Morgan


“Congrats !! You earned it! Thank you for your commitment in the early morning classes!” – Jesse


“Heather is one of the most consistent, and diligent athletes and what’s super impressive is that she gets her sweat on probably while we are all snoozing in bed.
6am aside, Heather is super driven and dedicated to fine-tuning her skills and as a coach that’s all we can ask for. What I’ve found to be particularly impressive is Heather not letting her injuries hold her back. She trains every day without any excuses and goes all out and I’m glad that all of her hard work is being applauded. Congratulations girl!!!! Sending you Virtual hugs!” – Luis
“Each year, around the holidays, there is one member who I know regardless of the day will want a 6am class option, Heather. Heather’s commitment and dedication is remarkable, she doesn’t want an easy way out, she doesn’t want short-cuts, she just wants the opportunity to get better each day. I respect the hell out of that and admire her for it.” – Wylie


From other athletes at the gym!

Heather is the heart and soul of the 6am crew. She brings her “A” game every day rain or shine irrespective of the injury of the week. Heather‘s discipline is evidenced by her commitment to both staying active and the Subversus community during this period of social distancing. Being Member of the Month is long overdue and well deserved. Congrats Heather!” – Bob
Heather is a great leader of the 6am crew.  Always proactive to find ways to get together outside the gym.  I really appreciated her concern for our well-being and cohesiveness!!  And always impressed with her tenacity in keeping daily logs!” -Brent (all the way from Cali!)
Heather was my guide  and cheer leader  from the first days that I tentatively took CrossFit classes.  She encouraged me to come up front (out of the shadows!) and participate as a full-fledged student.  She spotted for me, gave me helpful tips  and looked out for me — which made my classes  effective  and fun. She made me feel safe.  The way she handled her recent injury by nursing it with appropriate exercise and patience was inspirational.   She is a valuable member of the Subversus family and richly deserves being Member of the Month.” – Peggy
What is your day job and profession?
I am a physical therapist at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital - Jefferson Health, where I work primarily with individuals recovering from brain injury and stroke. "
" When did you start doing CrossFit?
I started Crossfit in a garage in Rochester, NY in the fall of 2013, 1 week before the owner of that garage opened his own affiliate. When I moved to Philadelphia in January of 2015, I found a box near my first apartment and I've been a regular crossfitter ever since - constantly seeking out the earliest morning class I can find...
" What is your favorite and least favorite workout?
Favorite workout is Nautical Nancy. Least favorite workout is definitely Karen, hands-down"
" What's the food you crave most after working out?
I can only work out well completely fasted, so literally any food I can get my hands on after training is good. "
" What accomplishment through CrossFit are you most proud of?
Snatching over 100# and finally getting pull-ups after a whole summer of struggling"
" What's something about you that most folks would be surprised to know?
Some folks have seen my tattoo of a gun on my right hip. It's actually for my grandmother who was a bad-ass lady, I love telling the story if you want to ask me sometime.

New At-Home Cycle! “Quanrantasfit”!

At Home workouts mean a thousand burpees per day right? NOT HERE! We have a carefully constructed plan for your fitness so that you can stay challenged and motivated! Here are details on our new cycle!

New Cycle details!🚀




To ensure structure, progression, and focus with the at-home programming, Coach Justin wanted to share some thoughts with the program going forward. We’re not assuming any particular end date, but rather are committed to delivering a high-quality, thoughtful, effective workout every single day.


➡️Monday- Lower Body Pushing, Upper Body Pulling. Challenging, longer, conditioning.🔥


➡️Tuesday- Horizontal Pushing and pulling. Interval work. Sprints.🧭


➡️Wednesday- Shoulder-centric- raise, lift, push, etc. Mixing shoulder fatigue with core and cardio.🆙


➡️Thursday- Posterior Chain work, Postural challenges, # buttstuff.🍑


➡️Friday- Arm-driven hypertrophy, high rep burners w/isometric hold challenges.💪🏼🐂🐖🐔 (#armfarm, get it?).

➡️Saturday- Cardio Chipper. Heavy breathing, sometimes in intervals.😈


➡️Sunday- Grunt Work. Longer efforts, low technique⚒


🚨Oh and did we mention benchmarks?.


We’ll be testing an At-Home version of a benchmark once per week, on a rotating day– whichever we feel is most appropriate given the stimulus. Like, maybe tomorrow. Maybe.👀

At home gym on a budget!

Home gym on a budget!


We’re programming workouts to be effective with the items that you have at home already, however if you want to build up a bit of a gym, here are our recommendations.


We’ve prioritized options that have multiple uses, rather than spending money on things that aren’t very useful outside of a single application (i.e. buy a single band before you get an entire set of dumbbells). Also, next time you go on vacation or a work trip, you can bring these items along for a little on the road fitness!


All links to order are included as well (note these things are also popular and the initial link might no longer be available or delayed when you read this). 


Options that are from $5- $20:


ratchet strap $9.97

Pulling is often the hardest thing to do at home. Don’t spend $100 on a TRX. The fine folks at Powerathlete came up with this brilliant idea and you can use it later when you move! Loop it over the door, pull with the second strap and boom – pull ups for less than $10. We tried it and it works like a charm.


Monster bands. $15.75 – $20.75

You know them from the gym and they have SO many uses (curls, pressing, hamstring activation, stretching, you can tell time with them – kidding, you can’t). Better yet, you’re familiar with their tension. For most folks, a single blue or green band will get you alot of use for multiple applications. Probably no better overall value. If Rogue is out of them, here’s another option.


Resistance bands – $15.79 (for 5!)

Again, tools we use in the gym. How are they great? Let’s say you want to improve your squat (and also shoulders!), but you don’t have much/any weight. Slow it down, use one of these and build positional strength. These are used all the time in physical therapy practice because they work. Also, they are tiny and apartment friendly. 


Buckets! – $3.48

Not kidding, we made a video about this. Just replace the metal handles with rope and you have a way to adjust weights and consolidate single things into one heavier option. Literally fill a bucket, hold it, squat. Boom.


Yoga/exericise mat – $12.99

Likely you have a floor that isn’t very forgiving when you lie on it. A mat can give you a nonslip surface with a little bit of padding to make movements safer and slightly more comfortable.


Lacrosse ball – $5.99

Recovery can’t be overlooked in training. A simple lacrosse ball can be used to work out aches from plantar fasciitis, to shoulder pain and everything in between. You’ll have it forever assuming your dog doesn’t eat it. No promises. 


If you bought this entire list (which you don’t even need to do!), you’d have spent $63.97 and have a very formidable and dynamic apartment gym. 


Options that cost a little more..


First of all. Prioritize. If you’re fortunate to have some money to spend. Don’t go crazy. Prioritize items that will last, have more than one use and aren’t going to take up alot of space.



For those of you OGs out there, this is largely what CrossFit started with and certainly our very own gym. Now, sand in your apartment can be tricky, but you can also get filler in rubber or other means. It’s a little more complicated, but you can use them for just about any movement (squat, clean, press, deadlift, carry…). In our experience with these, you do get what you pay for, less expensive bags often leak and have dodgy zippers. Goruck or Rogue are more expensive, but they hold up over time.



If you can buy one weight, a kettlebell is hard to beat. Lots of applications for it, small size and very useful. Remember, weights are generally a little more than a dollar a pound. If you want more, then a set of dumbbells at a modest weight (Don’t get something super heavy). 



Limit weights that you buy to things that you can press overhead, that is likely the movement where you can lift the least, so make sure your choice is useful. We can always add reps or slow down pulling movements where you are relatively stronger with the same weight.


Backpack/weight vest

There are lots of options out there, but a good backpack that you can close and has buckles can be used for weighted carries (literally walk around with it), weighted push ups, rows and many more. If you want to get fancy, GoRuck makes them with the option for integrated weights. However, you don’t need all that for fitness.


Same goes for a weight vest. Sure they can be handy, but a backpack will accomplish the same idea and for less money.


Bars, plates, benches, rowers, GHDs…

Seriously, if anyone buys a GHD right now… 


Yes, in a fully functional gym you would have access to these things, but consider how many movements can I get from one thing. In our videos we use a backpack or bag often, so can you! Also remember that you’re working out at home, don’t get big things or things that using will piss off your neighbors. You can construct a very useful set up from a backpack, single band, ratchet strap, bucket and laundry detergent bottle and spend less than $30.

Athlete of the MonthMarch

Emily A.

Years at Subversus Fitness: 2

Congratulations, Emily!!

Congratulations Emily! Now, let’s hear from our community on why she’s amazing!


“Emily is AMAZING! Dedicated, talented, and so, so, kind— Emily makes a class better by being there. She has instigated gym-wide rowing contests, inspired people to come to Dawn Patrol (it’s really not scary), and continued making tremendous progress herself on the way. A natural athlete who’s always willing to put herself out there, Emily is an obvious MOTM— and an amazing member of our community!” – Justin

“Oh my word! Congrats Em!!! Super duper proud of you! It’s been awesome seeing progress so much over the past couple of months, you’ve really stepped it up. From mastering the art of kipping pull-ups and toes T2B, to rxing cindy and getting a score that was well beyond what you thought you’d get, it makes me so happy that your peers have recognized all the hard work you’ve been doing. Congratulations on being the March Member of the Month, it is well deserved! Can’t wait to see all the gains that are coming your way! Also thanks for being my push up and core buddy ;-P.” – Luis

“Emily is super fun to coach! If there’s ever a workout that she’s not completing rxd, she’s already thought about what scaling options make most sense for her and her desired outcome. She’s thoughtful about her process, and where she wants to improve – classes aren’t just working out for her, they’re brand new opportunities to learn, test, and grow. She’s someone I always look forward to having in class, and I’m excited to watch her continue to impress us! ” – Morgan

Emily!! Very excited that she has received this honor. Emily is an amazing athlete. Always stoked to be in class and crushes every workout. Emily does work! And I appreciate her effort and energy in every class. Congrats.” – Tim

“Emily’s transformation as an athlete has been so cool to witness. She puts in the work, is very dedicated to doing things the right way and has the results to show for it. What’s also so cool is that she’s made CrossFit a family event, getting her parents at home involved!” – Wylie

“Emily’s dedication is really inspiring, especially how she does all the extra, little things to get better. Well done!” – Jesse

From other athletes at the gym!

“Wohoo! I am so excited for Emily to win MOTM. She is not only a great athlete inside the gym, but even better friend outside the gym. Emily shows up, does the work and continues to improve! She always gives me some friendly competition during wall ball and rowing workouts, keeping me on my toes.
Emily is a consistent evening gym goer and I am always so happy to see her in the 4:30. We often do Dawn Patrol together on Saturday mornings (as I am sure most of the gym has seen the many pictures of her, Sara and I in our power positions–thanks Justin).  Emily continues to make so much progress- she is crushing the toe to bar game recently and her pull ups have gotten so good. I am so excited to see Emily continue to crush workouts- congrats girl!!” – Alexa
So well-deserved! Emily is incredibly strong and crushes every workout. I love how she always pushes herself to be better and works hard every class. Most importantly, she has such a positive attitude and is supportive of and welcoming to everyone else in class with her! Congrats Emily!” – Marissa
“Congrats Emily! Very well deserved member of the monthEmily is an integral member of the 4:30 CrossFit class and the 5:30 ab crew. She keeps us in check whenever we’re slacking. She is always willing to go the extra mile and constantly works hard to get better inspiring those around her. Great job Emily, keep it up!” – Mike Popo
“I knew from the moment you turned to me at our pool and asked, “were you just at CrossFit?” that we would be instant friends. I thought to myself, this girl is definitely friendlier than me, but just as weird. So congrats to my pal Emily on your MOTM win! I’m so lucky to call you a friend and match outfits with you on the reg. I love sharing class time, memes and hours of texts with you; there is no one I’d rather contact at 2am asking if we should leave our respective apartments for the countless (hopefully false) fire alarms that take place in our building. It’s honestly a pleasure to be in your presence, you are a beautiful person both inside and out.  You are so strong and have made some serious gains in the last few months, I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you. I’m continually impressed by your ambition, commitment and work ethic (especially with that burpee challenge oooof). You push me to try my best and I’m thankful for that. This win is extremely well deserved and long overdue, congratulations Emily!” – Sara W.
What is your day job and profession?
I do healthcare consulting - I help pharma companies ensure that they contract with third party vendors (like pharmacies, distributors, and insurance companies) correctly and at fair market value. There's lots of Excel in my life, which I don't love, but I also get to talk to people and help fix their problems, which I do love. "
" When did you start doing CrossFit?
I started in 2016 - my brother got me to try it out and I realized it included a lot of the same movements I was used to from cross-training for college swimming. I'd been trying to workout on my own for a little while after graduating and realized that I needed the accountability and community that a gym could offer. Haven't turned back since, and we even convinced my parents to start, too!"
" What is your favorite and least favorite workout?
I don't have any specifics, but my favorite ones typically involve squats or wall balls, sit ups, and lately, pull ups! My least favorites tend to include running (I've never been part of a gym that didn't have stairs). I'm now also wondering why I signed up for Broad Street... "
" What's the food you crave most after working out?
Any and all carbs. But on a Saturday morning, my post-workout go-to is usually an English muffin with peanut butter and banana."
" What accomplishment through CrossFit are you most proud of?
Movement wise, starting to actually get HSPU. Last year at this time I couldn't do one, and last month I did 9 in a row with 1 mat. Still failing a bunch when I get tired, but it's progress. More generally, I think CrossFit has given me the confidence to push myself to succeed and do things I thought I couldn't, because I know others are there supporting me and coming in to do the same for themselves.."
" What's something about you that most folks would be surprised to know?
I am SCUBA certified!