Athlete of the MonthMarch

Emily A.

Years at Subversus Fitness: 2

Congratulations, Emily!!

Congratulations Emily! Now, let’s hear from our community on why she’s amazing!


“Emily is AMAZING! Dedicated, talented, and so, so, kind— Emily makes a class better by being there. She has instigated gym-wide rowing contests, inspired people to come to Dawn Patrol (it’s really not scary), and continued making tremendous progress herself on the way. A natural athlete who’s always willing to put herself out there, Emily is an obvious MOTM— and an amazing member of our community!” – Justin

“Oh my word! Congrats Em!!! Super duper proud of you! It’s been awesome seeing progress so much over the past couple of months, you’ve really stepped it up. From mastering the art of kipping pull-ups and toes T2B, to rxing cindy and getting a score that was well beyond what you thought you’d get, it makes me so happy that your peers have recognized all the hard work you’ve been doing. Congratulations on being the March Member of the Month, it is well deserved! Can’t wait to see all the gains that are coming your way! Also thanks for being my push up and core buddy ;-P.” – Luis

“Emily is super fun to coach! If there’s ever a workout that she’s not completing rxd, she’s already thought about what scaling options make most sense for her and her desired outcome. She’s thoughtful about her process, and where she wants to improve – classes aren’t just working out for her, they’re brand new opportunities to learn, test, and grow. She’s someone I always look forward to having in class, and I’m excited to watch her continue to impress us! ” – Morgan

Emily!! Very excited that she has received this honor. Emily is an amazing athlete. Always stoked to be in class and crushes every workout. Emily does work! And I appreciate her effort and energy in every class. Congrats.” – Tim

“Emily’s transformation as an athlete has been so cool to witness. She puts in the work, is very dedicated to doing things the right way and has the results to show for it. What’s also so cool is that she’s made CrossFit a family event, getting her parents at home involved!” – Wylie

“Emily’s dedication is really inspiring, especially how she does all the extra, little things to get better. Well done!” – Jesse

From other athletes at the gym!

“Wohoo! I am so excited for Emily to win MOTM. She is not only a great athlete inside the gym, but even better friend outside the gym. Emily shows up, does the work and continues to improve! She always gives me some friendly competition during wall ball and rowing workouts, keeping me on my toes.
Emily is a consistent evening gym goer and I am always so happy to see her in the 4:30. We often do Dawn Patrol together on Saturday mornings (as I am sure most of the gym has seen the many pictures of her, Sara and I in our power positions–thanks Justin).  Emily continues to make so much progress- she is crushing the toe to bar game recently and her pull ups have gotten so good. I am so excited to see Emily continue to crush workouts- congrats girl!!” – Alexa
So well-deserved! Emily is incredibly strong and crushes every workout. I love how she always pushes herself to be better and works hard every class. Most importantly, she has such a positive attitude and is supportive of and welcoming to everyone else in class with her! Congrats Emily!” – Marissa
“Congrats Emily! Very well deserved member of the monthEmily is an integral member of the 4:30 CrossFit class and the 5:30 ab crew. She keeps us in check whenever we’re slacking. She is always willing to go the extra mile and constantly works hard to get better inspiring those around her. Great job Emily, keep it up!” – Mike Popo
“I knew from the moment you turned to me at our pool and asked, “were you just at CrossFit?” that we would be instant friends. I thought to myself, this girl is definitely friendlier than me, but just as weird. So congrats to my pal Emily on your MOTM win! I’m so lucky to call you a friend and match outfits with you on the reg. I love sharing class time, memes and hours of texts with you; there is no one I’d rather contact at 2am asking if we should leave our respective apartments for the countless (hopefully false) fire alarms that take place in our building. It’s honestly a pleasure to be in your presence, you are a beautiful person both inside and out.  You are so strong and have made some serious gains in the last few months, I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you. I’m continually impressed by your ambition, commitment and work ethic (especially with that burpee challenge oooof). You push me to try my best and I’m thankful for that. This win is extremely well deserved and long overdue, congratulations Emily!” – Sara W.
What is your day job and profession?
I do healthcare consulting - I help pharma companies ensure that they contract with third party vendors (like pharmacies, distributors, and insurance companies) correctly and at fair market value. There's lots of Excel in my life, which I don't love, but I also get to talk to people and help fix their problems, which I do love. "
" When did you start doing CrossFit?
I started in 2016 - my brother got me to try it out and I realized it included a lot of the same movements I was used to from cross-training for college swimming. I'd been trying to workout on my own for a little while after graduating and realized that I needed the accountability and community that a gym could offer. Haven't turned back since, and we even convinced my parents to start, too!"
" What is your favorite and least favorite workout?
I don't have any specifics, but my favorite ones typically involve squats or wall balls, sit ups, and lately, pull ups! My least favorites tend to include running (I've never been part of a gym that didn't have stairs). I'm now also wondering why I signed up for Broad Street... "
" What's the food you crave most after working out?
Any and all carbs. But on a Saturday morning, my post-workout go-to is usually an English muffin with peanut butter and banana."
" What accomplishment through CrossFit are you most proud of?
Movement wise, starting to actually get HSPU. Last year at this time I couldn't do one, and last month I did 9 in a row with 1 mat. Still failing a bunch when I get tired, but it's progress. More generally, I think CrossFit has given me the confidence to push myself to succeed and do things I thought I couldn't, because I know others are there supporting me and coming in to do the same for themselves.."
" What's something about you that most folks would be surprised to know?
I am SCUBA certified!

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