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Career: Physical therapist

Years at Subversus Fitness: 5

Congratulations, Heather!

Congratulations Heather! Now, let’s hear from our community on why she’s great!


“Hooray HeatherHeather is AMAZING— a 6am fixture who finds a way to make fitness a regular part of her life, no matter what the struggle. She’s overcome injury, dialed in her nutrition, and been the rare 6am attendee who ALSO shows up to night-time social events, and SHE’S STILL DOING IT! Every day, in incredibly challenging times, Heather is crushing workouts and inspiring others- and inspiring me. Doing great work at home and at her job, helping inspire and unite this community and this city— solid MOTM. Congratulations!” – Justin


“What a perfect time to receive this honor!  During a trying time, the 6am OG is still at it with the quarantine fitness.  Heather is inspiring both in and out of the gym.  I am beyond proud of this athlete and everything she does.  Congrats on the win!” – Tim


“We are so lucky to have heather as a member of our gym! not only is she on the health care front lines right now, but she is simultaneously continuing to focus on her own wellness and happiness by consistently training with the daily WODs before going into work. She is diligent about her movement, her recovery, and of course, her 6am time slot – we are lucky, happy, and honored to give heather the very first quarantine member of the month title.” – Morgan


“Congrats !! You earned it! Thank you for your commitment in the early morning classes!” – Jesse


“Heather is one of the most consistent, and diligent athletes and what’s super impressive is that she gets her sweat on probably while we are all snoozing in bed.
6am aside, Heather is super driven and dedicated to fine-tuning her skills and as a coach that’s all we can ask for. What I’ve found to be particularly impressive is Heather not letting her injuries hold her back. She trains every day without any excuses and goes all out and I’m glad that all of her hard work is being applauded. Congratulations girl!!!! Sending you Virtual hugs!” – Luis
“Each year, around the holidays, there is one member who I know regardless of the day will want a 6am class option, Heather. Heather’s commitment and dedication is remarkable, she doesn’t want an easy way out, she doesn’t want short-cuts, she just wants the opportunity to get better each day. I respect the hell out of that and admire her for it.” – Wylie


From other athletes at the gym!

Heather is the heart and soul of the 6am crew. She brings her “A” game every day rain or shine irrespective of the injury of the week. Heather‘s discipline is evidenced by her commitment to both staying active and the Subversus community during this period of social distancing. Being Member of the Month is long overdue and well deserved. Congrats Heather!” – Bob
Heather is a great leader of the 6am crew.  Always proactive to find ways to get together outside the gym.  I really appreciated her concern for our well-being and cohesiveness!!  And always impressed with her tenacity in keeping daily logs!” -Brent (all the way from Cali!)
Heather was my guide  and cheer leader  from the first days that I tentatively took CrossFit classes.  She encouraged me to come up front (out of the shadows!) and participate as a full-fledged student.  She spotted for me, gave me helpful tips  and looked out for me — which made my classes  effective  and fun. She made me feel safe.  The way she handled her recent injury by nursing it with appropriate exercise and patience was inspirational.   She is a valuable member of the Subversus family and richly deserves being Member of the Month.” – Peggy
What is your day job and profession?
I am a physical therapist at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital - Jefferson Health, where I work primarily with individuals recovering from brain injury and stroke. "
" When did you start doing CrossFit?
I started Crossfit in a garage in Rochester, NY in the fall of 2013, 1 week before the owner of that garage opened his own affiliate. When I moved to Philadelphia in January of 2015, I found a box near my first apartment and I've been a regular crossfitter ever since - constantly seeking out the earliest morning class I can find...
" What is your favorite and least favorite workout?
Favorite workout is Nautical Nancy. Least favorite workout is definitely Karen, hands-down"
" What's the food you crave most after working out?
I can only work out well completely fasted, so literally any food I can get my hands on after training is good. "
" What accomplishment through CrossFit are you most proud of?
Snatching over 100# and finally getting pull-ups after a whole summer of struggling"
" What's something about you that most folks would be surprised to know?
Some folks have seen my tattoo of a gun on my right hip. It's actually for my grandmother who was a bad-ass lady, I love telling the story if you want to ask me sometime.

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