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Career: Pharmaceutical Research and Development

Years at Subversus Fitness: 1

Congratulations, Nadia!

Well done Nadia! Now, let’s hear from our community on why she rocks!

From the Coaches!

“Nadia’s consistency, great attitude, and thoughtful interactions have really stood out during our shelter-in-place period. She always shows up, asks great questions (often leading others to give voice to things they wanted as well!), and she does great work! Making the best of a tough situation, Nadia brings her A-game and lifts everyone up by her presence. She makes it better, and I appreciate it deeply.” – Justin


“I feel like I’ve started to appreciate Nadia even MORE since we’ve transitioned into home workouts, which is no easy feat. She manages to virtually stand out as a fast learner, an eager student, an awesome chef, and a hilarious quiplash champion. I love her energy, her patience, and the fact that she is contributing and making her mark in an environment that would otherwise mute people. Very happy to call her our member of the month!” – Morgan


“Nadia was one of the 5 kind souls who listened to me talk about mindset for our Wednesday seminar. That should show how simultaneously passionate she is about improvement and probably question her judgement – but I give her a pass. Nadia is a pleasure to Coach, wants to improve and embraces competition – qualities we love to see. Keep up the great work!” – Wylie



Congrats Nadia!!! I remember doing your onramp a couple of months ago on an early Sunday morning. You were so eager to learn and genuinely excited to learn new things.  I’m so impressed with your consistency and it makes me so happy to see you training virtually with us. You’re committed, have a positive attitude and always receptive to coaching cues and advice. What more could a coach want!? Congratulations again this is definitely deserved and I cannot wait to get to know you better and see you improve! Cheers!” – Luis


“Your hard work and dedication was not going unnoticed! As coach I loved the fact you asked questions if you didn’t understand a movement or wanting to know to modification a movement. I appreciate the concern to want to know how to preform the movements properly! You are definitely one only member that didn’t miss a beat during this time and thank you for your commitment!” – Jesse


Now from her fellow members!

“This is so deserved! Your commitment to zoom workouts during this time has been amazing. It’s hard to ‘physically’ see how you are doing, but I’m sure a lot of improvement has been made. Your dedication is admirable, and I appreciate your welcoming nature. More importantly, I know that I am always excited to see your face during a workout, happy hour, or a mindfulness seminar. You always have something to contribute, and you have a great sense of humor. I look forward to working out with you in person and getting to know you better when all of this dies down! Congrats to you, Nadia!” – Emma


“Nadia has been such a great addition to our gym and I am so happy to continue to see her virtually! She has a positive spirit and is a really clever one- definitely crushed all of us at any virtual happy hour games we have played! I am very curious to see how she does in Quizzo coming up in a few weeks.
I look forward to continuing to see Nadia crush workouts once we all return together again!” – Alexa
“It’s been great to see Nadia staying so dedicated, killing it in the Zoom classes lately, and attending the virtual social events. I hope we get to work out together in person soon!” – Emily A


What is your day job and profession?
I work in R&D in pharma specializing in data-driven methods to build mathematical models which help us select safe and efficacious doses of drugs (and buzz words!) "
" When did you start doing CrossFit?
I started in November 2019, so very recently; I’ve always been an avid gym goer/played soccer, and wanted something challenging.. CrossFit more than met that request!
" What is your favorite and least favorite workout?
My favorite workout has to be Donny, and least favorite is Karen (it’s a love/hate relationship)"
" What's the food you crave most after working out?
Anything with carbs! I work out in the evenings so it’s usually dinner, meaning rice and curry. The comfort foods keep me going "
" What accomplishment through CrossFit are you most proud of?
I’m most proud of participating in my first total day this February. It was so rewarding to see my work pay off, along with fellow athletes and coaches around me; best Valentine’s Day!"
" What's something about you that most folks would be surprised to know?
Most of my family still lives in Africa, and I spent much of my childhood (and adulthood) visiting/exploring/hiking in Kenya and Tanzania. Asante sana squash banana

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