Athlete of the MonthAugust


Career: Professional Pimple Popper

Years at Subversus Fitness: 1

Congratulations, Cerrene!

Congratulations our newest Member of the Month – Cerrene!


All during quarantine-fit, Cerrene could be spotted pressing, squatting, swinging and pulling her trusty laundry jug and always with a smile. While we wait on the Tide sponorship deal to kick in, read more about why she’s great!


Cerrene is GREAT! Always ready with a smile and a thoughtful insight, she brings energy and positivity to every class! I love talking with her about the WHY of workouts, and she’s always ready to help someone else get better, or just feel more comfortable. She’s a fantastic community member and we’re lucky to have her. – Coach Justin


Cerrene has been such a great addition to the community! Not only can she help us with any random dermatological concerns we may find, but she’s been an active participant in maintaining our sense of family while we were in the depths of quarantine. During what is arguably the hardest time to try and connect with people, she consistently took zoom classes, participated in the sub23 challenges, and entertained us during happy hour. Getting to know Cerrene and being able to watch her integrate more into the Subversus crew was one of the small silver linings of the gym being closed. I’m happy to see her back in person, and hopefully never swinging a backpack again :) – Coach Morgan


Congrats on winning Member of the Month!  It’s well deserved! You stuck in threw these last few months and gave it all you with each workout. I love the fact that at any event we held online, you were always there and supportive. We are happy to have you as a member at Subversus!! – Coach Jesse


It’s been such a joy to watch you progress in and out of the gym! I remember coaching you during your first couple of Onramps and I’m so impressed with how far you’ve come. Thanks for being a great athlete to coach, a wonderful presence in and outside the gym and for always bringing your positive attitude to any situation. – Coach Luis


Cerrene is genuinely curious and coachable – two things that make her great to have in classes. She’s probably traumatized to do laundry after working out with her laundry jug for months but hopefully that Tide deal comes through. Seriously, we love her enthusiasm and support. Well deserved!! – Coach Wylie


She’s a friendly face, fun to workout with, and I will never look at laundry detergent the same way thanks to her rocking it during quarantine! – Emma

Cerrene always brings the most positive attitude to the gym (and the punniest jokes anyone’s ever heard)! I had no idea her and I started at the same time, and got to know her over Zoom classes. Now I love being in class with her and enjoying happy hour afterwards! So thankful the gym brought us together – Nadia



What is your day job?// Philly’s own Dr. Pimple Popper ;)
When did you join Subversus?// Just in time to work off all of that Halloween candy (October 2019)
What's your favorite and least favorite workout?// Favorite: Row, back squats, ab work, burpees...just kidding, nobody likes burpees (except Luis) Least favorite: the weighted carry to and from the Korean War Memorial
What do you crave after working out?// Pre-Covid: Dos tacos (RIP) Post-covid: all of the beer/cocktails-to-go
What accomplishment in the gym are you most proud of?// Surviving my first Murph
What's something most people don't know about you!// I consider a tub of hummus as an actual meal

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