Athlete of the MonthSeptember

Brian L!

Career: CPA

Years at Subversus Fitness: 2

Congratulations, Brian!

Congratulations to our newest Member of the Month, Brian!! Brian has been an athlete as part of Liberty Barbell Club for about 2 years now and has been training his Olympic Lifts as a dedicated member of the 6am crew (hence why many of you may not even see him!). He’s quiet and a hard-worker, so we’re excited to have you all learn more about him!

Brian always shows up ready to work, goes out of his way to help you out, and skillfully flings barbells over his head without touching the ceiling, which, given his height,  is an amazing feat to see! – Jose

Brian is the man. His consistency and dedication to putting in the work would be admirable enough by itself, but the fact that you’ll never hear him complain about it is what really sets him apart – and all of this at the unholy hour of 6am? Yeah, that’s a Member of the Month trifecta. Congrats dude, way to make LBC look good! – Chrissey

Brian jumped into weightlifting, the most technical strength-based sport out there, with no holds barred and committed fully to learning the sport. He has been diligent about his technique work & effort and his consistency is really starting to pay off! He has easily put 20kg EACH on his snatch and clean and jerk since starting, and is nowhere near being done. I love his quiet commitment because he is very rarely distracted, and stays prepared. Congrats Brian! – Coach Morgan

I haven’t had the opportunity to coach you very often, but I’ve heard great things from the other coaches. I know that you are consistent and show up for your training everyday with a positive attitude. So awesome to hear that your fellow barbell peers and coaches have recognized all of your hard work and dedication to our programming. Congrats once more on winning Member of the Month and on your recent PR’s. I hope to coach you more in the future.- Coach Luis

This is great! Brian is awesome— shows up for the 6am LBC sessions like clockwork, and is always ready to put in work, push himself, and listen to feedback from coaches and his team. Watching him improve his mobility, stability, technique, and STRENGTH (dude is moving some weight!) has been a real joy as a coach, and we’re lucky to have him back there before dawn most days. – Coach Justin

Nobody trains accidentally at 6am.. You have to be dedicated and committed, two things that Brian has in spades. He’s always working to improve, coachable and the results show it! Glad he’s getting some recognition as one of the hardest workers in the gym. – Coach Wylie

Congratulations, Brian! Well deserved and keep it up! – Coach Jesse

What is your day job?// I am a CPA at FMC in University City (no, I won't do your taxes...unless an audit by the IRS doesn't faze you).
When did you join Subversus?// Officially, for about 18 months. Prior to that, I had been doing drop in classes for about a year but the accountant in me did a cost-benefit analysis and it made more sense to join full-time.
What's your favorite and least favorite workout?// By far my favorite is max-out week. It's awesome seeing everyone in the 6 am group ring the bell after post-PR after weeks of buildup. Truthfully, I don't have a least favorite. The variety of the programming doesn't offer much chance to get familiar with a specific workout and breed contempt.
What do you crave after working out?// I do the 6 am class so post-workout indulgences are usually limited to a smoothie and an omelette. If I end up in the afternoon class, then it'd have to be a burger and beer from Race St. Cafe or a huge bowl of ramen from Tomo in Old City.
What accomplishment in the gym are you most proud of?// Honestly, just staying committed. I had previously been doing the standard gym model for a while and when i joined LBC it definitely took me out of my comfort zone. I don't think I ever anticipated a routine where I would be waking up at 5 am every morning to go and do things called "clean and jerks" and "snatches".
What's something about you that most people don't know?// I played baseball in high school and my senior year I performed the rare feat of fouling a pitch off into my face, thus earning me a bunch of stitches and a scar below my eyebrow. That effectively ended my baseball career since I knew I would never pull off anything as remarkable as that again.

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