3 keys to long-term health

“What’s the perfect workout?”

We’re in this for the long-game, which is why we use principles to drive the training you do with us. Our goal is also to achieve the maximum result from the simplest application. So, what is the perfect way to train?

Start with the muscle we can’t see in the mirror, but without which nothing else matters. That squishy thing in your big ol’ noggin, your brain.

There are three basics to brain health and ultimately your longevity. Time and again, cognitive decline can be attributed to these three factors.

Vascular health. The more blood your body can effectively and efficiently pump, the better everything works. You’re a plant and blood is your water (BUT PLEASE DRINK MORE WATER TOO).

Metabolic health. Reducing simple sugars decreases insulin resistance, leading to longer term function. Not keto, not vegan, not carnivore. Just reduce simple sugars.

Learn new things, meet new people. We need stimulating environments that challenge us to engage with people and learn new skills.

Within those three are there a million different things you could do? Absolutely. The challenge is to look at your life and see if in any of those three are you falling short? Your brain will thank you.

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