Member of the Month – GEORGE!!!!

Wowowow, Congratulations George!

Once a month, our community votes to recognize a single member who embodies the spirit of Subversus Fitness. He/she is someone who has a good attitude, even on the toughest days, is always there to lend support to fellow athletes, and generally goes the extra mile to help build our community to become even more awesome. When it’s time to vote, we send a reminder email out to the entire crew, but if you ever see another member do something really cool for you or the gym in general, feel free to shoot us an email at or leave a note in the box to tell us what happened! Our Member of the Month is always awarded a FREE month of membership to Subversus.

What some of you had to say about G Baby Elephant Tito!

Yay George!!! Super deserving of MOTM (how has he not already been it??). Even though his strength and skill (and height, relative to me) can be intimidating, he always has a smile on his face and takes the time to say hi along with a high five or fist bump. He’s super friendly, laid back, genuine, and if you’re lucky enough to catch a class with him+Nick Shafer, expect to laugh. And bonus: he’s a fellow Taurus. Congrats George! Keep killin’ it!

— Julie

It’s about time! One day about 2 years ago this giant Greek God-looking guy, who was new at the gym asked me if he could work with me doing some strict presses during a WOD, and all I thought was “I gotta lift more than this new guy”. I don’t know what he was thinking, but it was probably something like “Don’t dance while strict pressing”. I soon realized that with George, he cares more about lifting other people up and encouraging others, more than just doing more than them or being on top of the whiteboard. Since he joined the gym, he has
become not just mine, but so many people’s favorite person at the gym. He always brings a positive attitude and makes all the time spend at the gym just a little better. If you’ve never had the pleasure of doing a workout with him, you are missing out. Just get ready to dance and get a yelled at a little.

— Nick Shafer

First of all George is hilarious. Every time I’m in class with him I’m always laughing. If you’re having a bad day just go to a class with George, his singing will cheer you up. He always brings positive energy and cheers on others. Congrats George!

— Mike Popo

OMG OMG OMG! So well deserved! George is easily one of my favorite faces to see at the gym. He is a real gift, duh! Honestly, just make him member of the year! Sorry every body else. 225!!

— Lane

Congratulations George!! George has so many strengths and that is not including his pure strength! He is the most positive person always. George cheers on literally every single person in the gym. He will scream “UP” at you when you are at the bottom of a squat, which is great because you may forget that is what you need to do when you are at the bottom, get up.. totally makes sense. He is so light on his feet whether he is dancing mid workout or stringing triple unders together, he just glides across the gym floor. (We won’t mention there is video evidence of him tripping while running during a metcon, but he was surprisingly graceful during this as well) He takes the workouts seriously but does not take himself too seriously. He works so hard, but it is effortless and he makes everyone around him feel his positive energy. You cannot help but laugh or dance or sing along with him, his happiness is truly infectious. So happy for George!! Well deserved.

— LCal

Congratulations from the Coaches!

The best hype man in the game. George is relentlessly positive, encouraging and a master at jumping rope #triplesfordays. He brings excitement and energy to every class and you’ll hear him cheering for each athlete until everyone is finished. Well done, George – keep it up!!

— Wylie

Yay! Congrats George! Can’t believe it’s taken so long for you to win this!!!

George is such a great member of this community and when he takes one of my classes I know I’m in for a good time. His humor, willingness to learn and positive attitude make for a memorable time. Whether if we are working out together or if I’m coaching George I can always rely on him to put a smile on my face.

Good stuff Georgie! You deserve it!!!

— Luis

George is the most energizing presence I’ve ever encountered. He’ll elevate any class he walks into, and no one can resist that charm. No one. This win was a long time coming. Kudos!

— Tim

George is everyones best friend. Everyone’s celebrity crush. Every fathers dream come true. He is so energetic and full of spirit – he EFFORTLESSLY influences the energy of the room, coaches included. I’ve seen him have a bad day like once, and that day was a very bad day for me too. He knows the words to every song, he has had personal dance lessons from Shakira, and he is the light of my coaching life.

— Voz

FINALLY. I assume the reason it took this long is because while he’s an amazing member and an inspiring athlete, George is just so demure and unassuming people weren’t aware he was in the room. Hopefully this helps him break out of his shell a little. Sincerely— George is always a bright spot for an evening of training, unconditionally supportive of his fellow members, and part of the glue that holds this community together. We’re better for having him, and lucky to call ourselves his home. Congratulations!

— Justin

And now, from our winner!

What’s your day job and profession?

Currently I am a 3rd year medical student at Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University in the process of figuring out what I would like to pursue as a career.


My current goal is to get to the gym at least 3x a week because my schedule varies week to week and is out of my control. Also not cherry picking workouts and just coming in and doin the damn thang. A more finite goal is stringing triple unders.

What is your favorite meal to cook for someone?

Unfortunately it’s been a while since Ive cooked, but when I do I’m big on breakfast and brunch. I love making crazy omelettes and ridiculous pancakes (pumpkin banana pancakes are around the corner).

What movement are you most hoping for in the Open?

I love anything with double unders honestly and workouts where I can string butterfly pull-ups!!!!

If you had to be one CrossFit Girl workout, which one would you be and why?

If I could be a Girl workout I would be Annie! I think it’s an overall straightforward workout that can be modified for everyone, and who doesn’t love a nice little core burn that lasts three days?

What song gets you hyped up when you feel like dying?

This is tough because I have a few songs that always get me hype for decades now, and some newer songs that currently get me hype. Of note:

Oldie but goodie- till I collapse- Eminem



-hot gurlllll summmmerrr

Thanks, George! Keep crushing it in workouts!

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