What should I expect in a CrossFit class?

“Ok, class, today we’re doing an EMOM of power snatches at 60% and building followed by a 12 min AMRAP of  four pistols, two muscle ups and one clean and jerk. Ready? 3,2,1…” CUE THE ANXIETY. What does any of that even mean? Let’s clear a few things up..

What should you expect in a CrossFit class?

Physical training is designed to challenge your body, not stress you out. Let’s start by defining CrossFit. Constantly varied, functional movements performed at a (relatively) high intensity. In our gym, constantly varied means that you won’t work the same part of the body or type of training (sprint efforts to longer, steady-state) on the same day each week, this allows for you to avoid stalling on a plateau and not improving. We carefully program out weeks and months ahead of time to measure overall volume (how many times per week you are squatting or pressing for example) and then writing fun and challenging workouts.

What is the flow of a class?

Each class is planned out to the minute, allowing for a fun and safe environment. Each day’s workout is different, but here’s a sample peek behind the scenes:

  • Minute 0-5: Welcome the class, gather warm up equipment

  • Minute 5-15: Warm up – a series of movements to prime your body for the session ahead and allow the Coach to watch how each athlete is moving that day.

  • Minute 15-35: Strength or skill development. Some days this portion will focus on a weightlifting movement or maybe gymnastics. This is where each athlete is honing technique and receiving Coach feedback on movements.

  • Minute 35-40: Workout explanation and set up. Most days, the workout will incorporate some or all of the movements we’ve been working on in the strength/skill portion of class. The Coach will explain the point of the workout (either accomplishing a task, or working out for an amount of time).

  • Minute 40-55: Workout! Here’s where we dial in the relative intensity part of the definition of CrossFit. Each athlete in class will perform the same workout, however the load they are using may vary by a hundred pounds or more. How do you know what’s right for you? Our Coaches coordinate a plan with every athlete in class ahead of time.

  • Minute 55-50: Wrap up! The class isn’t over until everyone gets a fist bump and recognizes the hard work that EVERYONE put in for the day.

“So, I’m only going fast for 10-15 minutes of the total hour?”

Yes, the reason there comes back to intensity. We want to achieve the maximum benefit from the minimal dose. Crushing your body for an hour isn’t hard to do, dialing in the intensity for your session with a Coach is how you’ll see the most benefit and greatest overall return. Expect to balance the energy of a group class with the personalization of private training – that’s how we provide value to our members.

“I’m not great at all the movements..”

That’s why you have a Coach whose entire job is making sure that you are challenged, safe and have an awesome time in your class. There’s ALWAYS things to learn (even for us! We do this stuff too!), that’s part of the fun, pushing yourself, but in an effective and structured way. Let’s get started!

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