Why experience matters

You need an uber or lyft, someone to drive you somewhere. You have two options. The first driver has been driving for 6 months and the second driver has been driving for over 10 years. Who do you choose?

Now, what if you also knew that the driver with 6 months of experience spent them at a race car driving school and passed their certification course with flying colors. Also, the driver with 10 years of experience was in 2 fender benders in the past year and otherwise has been driving recreationally before deciding to pick you up.

That might change your opinion, right? This is the difference between time and experience. 10 years of passive getting behind the wheel or much less time, but more directed learning and application.

We can improve with time, but only if we’re gaining valuable experience as well. This relates to fitness because it’s easy to fall into routines. In fact, our body loves routine, it allows for us to stay away from the edges and at a core level makes us feel safe so that we can survive. Think of all the routines in your life. However, we know that achieving our true potential means getting out of routines, pushing our boundaries when we can allows us to express who we’re meant to be and our individual gifts. 

This is core to what CrossFit is as a method. Constantly varied. Not unplanned and random. Quite the opposite. In order for CrossFit to be effective, there MUST be a plan that makes sure that you as an athlete don’t fall into certain routines or develop habits that limit your progress. Why is this important? Because our approach is the professional driving school option in place of just getting behind the wheel for 10 years. Our approach is a deliberate one to test and evaluate how to make you better and then have a hell of a good time doing it in class. 

We don’t want you wasting your valuable time when you want to train with hours spent in the gym without results or connecting to a community. We deliver the maximum effectiveness in the shortest time possible so that you can get on with you life and live it fully. That’s what we offer.

What’s your choice? Time or experience? Cutting edge performance or the right lane. Here’s the secret, you don’t have time to go without experience – let us help you get there.

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