Member of the Month – Ronna Bolante!

Congratulations, Ronna!!

Once a month, our community votes to recognize a single member who embodies the spirit of Subversus Fitness. He/she is someone who has a good attitude, even on the toughest days, is always there to lend support to fellow athletes, and generally goes the extra mile to help build our community to become even more awesome. When it’s time to vote, we send a reminder email out to the entire crew, but if you ever see another member do something really cool for you or the gym in general, feel free to shoot us an email at or leave a note in the box to tell us what happened! Our Member of the Month is always awarded a FREE month of membership to Subversus. 

What some of you had to say about Ronna!

“RONNNNNA!!! Ronna is the dark horse of Subversus. Quietly doing her thing, whether its working on progamming (she has gotten multiple strict pull ups recently!!) or crushing a 5:30 WOD, Ronna has no idea how strong she is OR how great she is! A humble, caring and dedicated member, Ronna is a familiar and friendly face at the gym. I always enjoy seeing Ronna crush a WOD she thought was too hard but then finishes with ease! She sets her mind to something and doesn’t stop until she gets better. I am super jealous of Ronna’s hard work on pull ups recently and admire her for her dedication. Way to go Ronna!” – Alexa

“So proud of Ronna and everything she’s achieved in CrossFit. Ronna didn’t have the greatest start to her CrossFit life. She seriously injured her leg doing a box jump in Foundations and had a giant gash on her leg that’s still there today 🙁

Then she got injured constantly for her first year. Whenever she would make big progress another injury would come. It was so sad.

But Ronna fought through all of it and has done incredible things! She started CrossFit not being even close to doing a pull-up. Now she can do 4 strict (with more coming soon!)

She can do at least 50 double unders unbroken. She rowed a sub 2:00 500m (1:52 If not mistaken). Pretty awesome for a 5’1 person! She had a 180 lb back squat and is super strong overhead.

It’s so great to see all of the things she can do today and it’s all because of how hard she’s worked and how dedicated she is. Could have never imagined that one day she’d end up doing CrossFit more hours each week than me! Yay Ronna!!” – Greg

“ROOOOOOONNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!  First of all, how is it even possible that Ronna is just now getting member of the month?!?  She’s been the member of the month in my heart for forever, obvs.  I mean, what a GEM!  Ronna is easily one of my favorite people to work out with and is a tried and true staple of the 5:30!  One of the things I love the most about Ronna (of which there are many, duh) is that she’s got such a great energy and spirit!  She acts alllllll super casual about working out and then is a total bad ass BEAST crushing workouts!  And I see you in the back girl working that programming and getting secretly swole!  Not to mention she’s been with Greg for forever which proves she has incredible endurance training.  And who can forget the great Tastykake scandal of 2018?!?  It was an honor and a privilege to share her first butterscotch krimpet.  So congrats Ronna!!  Long overdue and so so deserved!” – Lane

“Yay! So happy Ronna is MOM. Truth be told I have been stuffing the ballet box with her name for months now. Ronna has been absolutely killing it lately with her strength, skills, and endurance, she puts in hard work with additional programming after class and Sundays and it has been showing! Besides her amazing strength and performance she is so fun to be around. She gets to know every new person in the gym and makes them feel welcome, cheering them on. On a more personal level Ronna is my foodie guru and for that I owe her a lot. Seriously though, she knows her cuisine and restaurants, it’s a gift. Congrats!!! – LCal

“Ronna!!! Yay! Congratulations on Member of the Month! I could say a million things about why she’s amazing but to keep it short: she’s chill, friendly, and a hard-working BAMF. She was one of the first people I became friends with at Subversus and (I know I can’t be the only one) I owe it to her for helping me feel like a part of the gym community. She’s easy to talk to, encouraging, funny, and her down-to-earth vibes are contagious. How can you not want to be around and workout with her?! But lately I only catch her at night doing her own programming… dominating humbly, becoming a stronger, faster Picante than ever before, I’m sure. There’s no one else I’d do partner box step-ups and split “Jeremy” with. Always an inspiration :)” – Julie

“Ronna was the lynchpin of the in-house comp team that had a championship stolen from it due to a questionable judge. This is so well deserved, congrats” – KCal

“Ronna embodies what Subversus is all about. She is so kind and inclusive of everyone and also SUPER strong! She always works hard at her programming and it is definitely paying off. Go Ronna!!” – Liz

“It’s always a pleasure to see Ronna at the gym! She has been working super hard lately, and it is paying off! I have named her location when doing programming “Ronna’s corner.” She is always working her ass off, never forgetting to be supportive of others, and always making me smile. It has been amazing to see her improvement, especially as of late! Keep doing you, Ronna!” – Emma

Some words from the Coaches!

“Way to go Ronna! Your hard work and dedication hasn’t been unnoticed!” – Jesse

“Nobody works harder, nobody bounces back faster, nobody is nicer to everyone in the room. Ronna is an inspiration with how she pushes herself, and others, to be better everyday. She lights up the gym, and is always making herself a little better before and after class— it’s a lesson in how to warm-up, improve skills, and recover. We’re lucky to have her, and so are you.” – Justin

“Ronna is a beautiful person. Always kind. She works consistently and has a laugh straight from Her heart. You feel Her sincerity.” – Arthur

“Congrats Ronna! This is so well deserved!

I’ve known Ronna since the very beginning of her CrossFit journey and through some injuries and setbacks, I am always in awe of Ronna’s perseverance and ability to bounce back and become a better athlete.

As a coach, I can honestly say that Ronna is such a hard worker. She sets goals and works tirelessly to achieve them. I remember the days of her trying to string along double unders. Everyday she’d practice her dubs over and over, and usually this was after a metcon. And now look at her, DOUBLE UNDER GODDESS! Seeing her on her pull up journey now is just as astounding! Keep it up!

Some of my fondest memories with Ronna happened just this year. From being on the same in-house team, where she did approximately 300 dumbbell snatches, to doing open commentary where we drank copious amount of wine and thoroughly analyzed the workout those brave athletes were going to do. We’ve had some great memories in the basement of dreams, and I can’t wait for them to continue.  Congrats once more Ronna! Thanks for making our gym a better place with your positive attitude, incredible work ethic, and impeccable taste for wine. “ – Luis

“Ronna is one of the hardest workers in this gym.  She is constantly striving to be a high performer, and that deserves high praise. Congrats!” – Tim

“Ronna is a gem. She’s such a consistent hard worker, and is incredibly supportive of her gym-mates. Her only fault is that sometimes she sells herself too short because she doesn’t yet know how strong and capable she is, but thats also a really fun thing for us coaches to watch her discover.” – Morgan

“Ronna is a wonderful example of what we hope to build in athletes here. Resiliency and perspective. She has both in spades, pushing herself, but always first with the goal of excellence, not at the expense of it. She also gets a crazy look in her eye when doing toes to bar and it’s amazing. Well done Ronna and keep kicking butt!!” – Wylie

Now, from the winner!

What’s your day job and profession?

I’m managing editor at the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker organization that advocates for immigrant rights, ending mass incarceration, and other social justice issues. Basically I do a lot of communications planning, writing and editing (i.e. my colleagues do all the hard work and I just tell everyone else about it). 

What’s your favorite workout?

Anything with burpees, squats, lunges or push presses. And without wall balls, assault bike or too much running or rowing. 

So if there was a Venn diagram of my likes and dislikes, it would probably illustrate that I like only about 2% of all possible CrossFit workouts. But I’ll show up for anything and just make a lot of jokes about how much the WOD is going to suck because humor is how I deal with pain. 

What’s a goal or something that you’re working on?

I have so many of them! Pull-ups for sure — I’ve been working with Justin for the past few months and have been happy with the progress. And one day I want to improve my snatch and clean technique — at least to a level where I can get through a single class without bemused looks from Morgan or Tim.

What’s something about you that most people don’t know?

Here are two things:

I have lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease that can be debilitating, especially for people who don’t have adequate medical care. I’m grateful I’ve been able to manage it for over 15 years and live a healthy, active life. Every person should have access to the health care they need.

I once tried to sneak backstage at a Mos Def concert. My friend and I told the bouncer we went to high school with Mos, and it actually got him to come to the stage door. But when Mos saw us, he just looked confused and said “I don’t know who you are” and went back. But at least I can say I once met Mos Def. 🙂

Great work Ronna! Keep kicking butt!

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