Member of the month for November!

Congratulations, Katherine Deily!!


Once a month, our community votes to recognize a single member who embodies the spirit of Subversus Fitness. He/she is someone who has a good attitude, even on the toughest days, is always there to lend support to fellow athletes, and generally goes the extra mile to help build our community to become even more awesome. When it’s time to vote, we send a reminder email out to the entire crew, but if you ever see another member do something really cool for you or the gym in general, feel free to shoot us an email at or leave a note in the box to tell us what happened! Our Member of the Month is always awarded a FREE month of membership to Subversus. 

What some of you had to say about Katherine!

“Of course!  Not only is Katherine one of the strongest and fastest Subversus members, she is also one of the most humble and nicest! Katherine always encourages other members and supports everyone in the gym. She really embodies the Subversus spirit and I am so grateful I get to spend time with her at the 4:30 class! She is definitely motivational and has crushed many PRs this year! Congrats Katherine! This is well deserved!!” – Amber

“YESS!!! I have been voting for Katherine for MOTM for so long—I am so happy to see her win! Katherine is the most humble athlete at Subversus. Not only is she super friendly and super smart (she just finished her SECOND bachelor’s degree in an accelerated nursing program at Penn) she is SO STRONG. She is encouraging to everyone in the gym and makes the 4:30 class just plain awesome. Not only does she work hard, she pushes me to work even harder! I am always inspired by Katherine’s strengths—she makes everything look so easy—and then quickly brushes it off like it was nothing! More recently, Katherine finished a metcon ( I think Nasty Girls) with more muscle ups in it than she had ever done before! It was inspiring to watch her fight through it, never once even thinking about giving up!  The 4:30 class is better because she is there. Thanks for your inspiration, Katherine!” – Alexa

“Katherine’s the best. She’s the nicest person ever and also great at CrossFit. Went from 0 muscle ups last year to doing 21 in one workout this year! Also she likes Reese’s Cups which is very important.” – Greg

“So Katherine is an awesome and super kind person! She should be called killa Katherine with all the weight she throws around.  Like that recent C&J PR at 175! Props on that and your Member of the Month win.  You’re one of my favorite people to watch just crush metcons and you totally deserve this.  Congrats!!” – Emily M

“Katherine winning member of the month is long overdue, so happy to see that she finally won it! This is like the perfect gift as it comes with her finishing med school! She’s friendly, supportive, has a solid sense of humor and a is great teammate (cfcc4.3). I’d imagine once she found out she won motm, she did a hundred box jumps in like 15 seconds, grabbed a bagel, polished her driving rock, drove to long wood gardens to look at plants, and then went to frankford hall to celebrate her award. Congratulations KD!” – Kyle

“KD God” – Jpap

“Kd is one of the modest, sweetest, chill people you will ever meet, but that doesn’t stop her from crushing every single strength and workout there is. She has continually pushed me to better myself in strength and gymnastics movements and her attitude is something I look up to (even though she is younger and doesn’t know who Wu Tang is). She also loves plants.” – Dani

“Oh my word Katherine!!!! Congrats, Congrats, Congrats! This is very well deserved and I’m so happy to see that Katherine has finally won MOM. One the best things about Katherine is how humble she is. She’s one of the best athletes at the gym, yet still manages to push herself to her limits time and time again. On top of that she’s probably one of the silliest people I’ve ever met. Do you know how much this girl likes cactus’ and donuts?

One of my fondest memories with Katherine was when we were on the same team together at the 2016 Summerslam competition. We were tasked as a team to do a workout in 90 degree weather outside, that was over 15 mins, and Katherine I believe overheated at the time. But like the true champ she is she came back for the next couple of workouts and knocked them out of the park. No complaining, no whining, she just came and crushed the rest of the workouts throughout the day. Congrats once again Katherine! Your uniqueness, strength and attitude truly makes Subversus the happy place it is for so many of us. ” – Luis

“Katherine is amazing. She makes everything look effortless. When you’re dying during a long workout, you look over and she’s not even breaking a sweat! Plus, she’s an ant-woman: someone that teeny should not be able to clean 175lbs…oh wait, that just happened. AAAAAaaannnd you can’t even hate her for it, because she’s the nicest human ever! Love you Katherine!” – Emily M


Some words from the Coaches!

Wait, she hasn’t won before? Katherine is an absolute savage, and she trains like a silverback on a warpath. Congrats!” – Tim

“I love Katherine’s energy in class. She is so clearly here to enjoy herself and gives such great effort every time she comes into the gym. She’s a great example of balance: she crushes workouts & she tries hard, but she doesn’t over analyze her performance or obsess over meaningless details. Well deserved!” – Morgan

“A worthy successor to last month’s champion. Katherine tries hard and I like that about her. Keep working hard, KD.” – Ave

“Of COURSE Katherine won! Finally! She’s athletic, driven, consistent, self-effacing, fun, kind, and alway willing to help out someone else. She seems to always make the time to get in, including working on gymnastics and the occasional dawn patrol, around a very busy schedule. Never taking it TOO seriously, Katherine makes everyone better by showing up. Huzzah.” – Justin

“Voted most likely to start laughing during impossibly difficult circumstances. A rare and awesome quality. Keep making it look easy!” – Wylie

A few words from Katherine!

WOW I’m honored to be member of the month! Thanks to everyone who voted for me! 


I currently don’t have a day job…I just graduated from the accelerated nursing program at Penn last week so am working on studying for my boards and finding a job in the Philly area! Before I started the program, I finished my undergrad at Villanova then worked for a year as a medical scribe (yes, this is a real job) and volunteered as an EMT. In my spare time, I work out, play tennis, and tend to my semi-famous collection of cacti and other plants.  


It’s hard to pick a favorite workout. But, I’d say anything chipper-esque is probably something I would like. I had fun when Dawn Patrol did Hiadlgo a few weeks ago..but that might just be the awesome breakfast we got after talking. Guess we will have to do it again to find out! 


I’ve been working on ring and bar muscle-ups for awhile and am trying to get better at stringing them together/doing them consistently in WODs! So far, it’s been going ok. 


Many people don’t know that I went to four different kindergartens as a child (one of which I only attended for one day). We moved a few times that year, so I really got the full kindergarten napping and coloring experience. 

Keep it up Katherine!! Well deserved!!

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