Fitness Coaching to Reclaim Your Active Life. Proven to help people end pain and frustration.

Offered through small group and personal training

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We’re located in the heart of downtown, just blocks from city hall with Thomas Jefferson Hospital right in our backyard. Schedule a Free Consult for your individual plan.

Personal training

Work 1-1 to build confidence, skill and meet your needs.

Small group training

Custom programming in a group setting

The life you want? You can have it!

You're not a group, so we start you with a personal plan and training to build confidence and competance.



In consultation with one of our Professionals, you'll first have a consultation, 9-point movement screen and strength balance assessment. This allows for us to understand the root of things like back pain, knee pain or plateaus in your training.



Next, you would perform exercises with the greatest benefit to improving your body and helping you achieve your goals. At each stage, you'll know why each movement has been selected for you.



Our Professionals will help guide, inspire and lead you a lifetime of the active life you deserve. Coaching shows you how to do a movement, Mentorship ensures you understand why and how to do it, ultimately being able to train on your own.

  • Mikhail's success story

    I needed guidance and help on working in a gym to fix my shoulder.

    "What was the frustration you were having before you started working with us?" A painful shoulder and losing grappling exchanges due to strength differentials as opposed to skill.  "What about your experience with us was different?" I needed g...


    1 year(s) at Subversus Fitness

  • Chrissy's success story

    I feel so much more like *myself.* My technique and movement patterns feel “right,” and even when sessions are a grind, I know I’m there because I want to

    What was the frustration you were having before you started doing individual program design and PT?  "I’d been training in olympic weightlifting, exclusively, for at least six years - which meant that I was long past the “linear progress...


    6 year(s) at Subversus Fitness

  • Sterling's success story

    I've felt supported in making my own path. I'm still slowly and steadily getting better and stronger every week.

    I was born with physical disabilities that make exercising difficult and painful. At other gyms,  it always seemed like I was not properly integrated into the program. Here, I was able to talk  with Coaches Wylie and Jesse and get adaptations that ma...


    1 year(s) at Subversus Fitness

  • Nadia's success story

    My Spartan Race was easy!

    One day I walked into the gym for a WOD and noticed ropes hanging from the ceiling. Something like that instantly brought memories of middle school PE (and my inability to climb a rope). Wylie quickly showed me how to rope climb using your feet and I felt...


    4 year(s) at Subversus Fitness

  • With individual programming your needs, fitness level, lifestyle, and schedule inform an adaptable roadmap to achieving your goals and more.

    Within a year of individual programming, I competed in my first local weightlifting meet, shaved 10 minutes off of my half-marathon time, and PRed my marathon by nearly 30 minutes.  I value the individual programming not just for these outcomes but al...


    3 year(s) at Subversus Fitness

  • I feel safe here and I didn't at my last gym.

    I feel safe here, and I didn't at my last gym. I know the Coaches are watching and correcting form to make sure that I improve. I started with five personal training sessions before taking a group class which helped me build confidence. I'm eager to keep ...


    1 year(s) at Subversus Fitness

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